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SIA question


When I was battling last night, my opponent attacked me with a hit and run attack. Then their Dracorex G2 came in and hit me with its SIA. The player got two full attacks on one turn. A hit and run is a Swap Out attack that the player does not choose which dinosaur will come in. Should the SIA activate in this situation since the player did not actually choose to Swap In the Dracorex G2?

I thought SIA should only activate when you choose the swap out button and select the dinosaur to bring in.


In effect the swap to drac is the same regardless so should hit for the swap in, handy when it happens but needs luck on where it drops in your pack


Hey James_Simmons, in that scenario the Swap In Ability will be activated since abilities such as Impact and Run will “chain” with SIA. SIA does not activate if the creature was brought in to replace a defeated dino or if it gets prevented by another SIA from another dino with a faster speed. There is also some more information on Swap in Abilities and their mechanics on our updates notes here: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)
I hope this helps!


That is actually a viable strategy, have a team of hit & run and SIA. Hit the right combo’s, and as you pointed out, it could be deadly.


I do this with Spinota swoop to drac g2. They don’t always line up but if you start with whatever Dino is between them in the lineup…


Just a wombo combo bro


I use this move for strike towers I swoop into my flyer that has a swap in wounding move


he knew in fact that dg2 would be picked if he did impact and run.


When the SIA was being introduced, it was mentioned that it would be changing the way strategy is used by chaining attacks like mentioned above!! It didn’t catch much attention due to the low damage/usability until Dracorex G2 SIA attack came in picture :rofl:

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Thank you all for the explanation.