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SIA stun is useless


Another SIA that needs attention is SIA stun. It does no damage and will work only if used to lower speed opponent. Most of those with SIA stun has lower speed at baseline, so it does nothing at all really.

My suggestion is SIA stunning strike or SIA stun + slow.

I really like the incorporation of SIA to the game. We just want them to be really useful, and not just a show .


dracoceratops is faster than edmonotoguanodon, so im not sure how this happened… but i swapped edmonto in when my opponent swapped dracoceratops and it stunned it so it didn’t get it’s rampage.

aside from that, not sure what it does


I agree as well. If ludia wants us to start using all the SIA capable Dino’s. Why not make them have more use.

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Can we also talk about Acute Stun? I love the idea, but I have absolutely no idea when to use it because usually it’s against someone faster than me so it is a completely wasted move.


Acute stun would be useful when you are waiting for something to bleed out.


And don’t forget 1/3 of the time it just does nothing :rofl:

I guess it’s even worse than nullifying sia because with the nullifying one you already know that you get nothing from it but here it’s horrible you could plan to have a stun and suddenly you’re disappointed and crushed into oblivion :joy:


Acute stun can make sure you’ll be able to do anything you want (attack, swap out) in next turn.


Yeah that too ( acute stun )is useless most of the time . I can’t think of any significant use except to hasten the turn for distracting rampage which has 2 CD. ( in procerathomimus)

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it would be really cool to give swap in stun to a useful dino so that way you could predict a swap in rampage and stop it. at least give us a counter for it if it’s going to be in the game.


Another useless point of SI stun is…
Your opponent feeling annoyed (66% chance), but actually lost nothing.

SI invincibility or shield can let opponent “waste” 1 move (mostly high damage move like AP rampage)
But SI stun would let opponent able to save that move until next turn.

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There’s my problem then. I’m not running any bleeders at the moment. Waiting to get Stygidaryx.


But if the opponent is faster (which is most of the time), you will still get hit before getting another hit in. Or if you swap the dino swapping in will eat a hit.


Yeah, compare to most stunning move got higher than normal strike damage (1.5x or 2x), acute stun still not deserve it. 25% more stunning chance, but no damage LOL.

At least should be acute stunning strike, or acute stunning and run.
That would be better.

BTW, I remembered INSTANT CHARGE itself was 100% stunning + 1x attack in earlier edition…
So yes, acute stun is totally worsen version of that old instant charge.:rofl:


You arent using it correctly. Swap in Stun should only be used in connection with a drainer. Suchotator drain, instant distraction, swap in stun. And the dino is dead. Especially if you’re draining a hit and run type dino. You stop it from running and it dies.

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One of my opponents used it on my dino (faster). After using Acute Stun, they used Regenerate & Run, ready for the next attack and with their Dracocera back to (almost) full health.


Dracocera doesn’t have regenerate and run. It has regenerate, but it isn’t a priority move and it doesn’t automatically swap. I’m still learning how to play with it, but I haven’t found the right combo where Dracocera or a swapped in dino doesn’t have to take a hit.


At @Piere87 is right … I was just about to say that. With acute stun, you get the next move only if your dino is faster at baseline ( unless there is a bug like some stuns on specific Dino’s)


My mistake! They used regenerate, and swapped out. Not quite as helpful when I put it that way.


Regenerate takes priority but it doesn’t swap out. It usually only means that your dracocera dies one turn later. Still trying to figure out the best use of Dracocera moves…

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I use acute, ss and rampage.