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SIA Team Test


So I’m testing out a SIA team. Don’t have them at the highest levels but it’s a fun team to play. Lost about 700 trophies so far but starting to win at around 3800.

Can’t get the DNA needed to create high enough level top-tier dinos to move up yet. Was getting bored with same matchups at bottom of Aviary so this has been fun.

Has anyone else tried this out with any success and/or have suggestion of change to the team staying with SIA theme?


Nice, looks like a fun team.:sunglasses: Might consider Delta as well.

Ornithomimus really has me doing some serious thinking lately. How is your level 20 fairing in combat?


Haven’t got it a whole lot but it’s like a lot of coin flipping. Has the extra ability over Gallimimus but the instant distraction seems pretty pointless. Just extends whatever was going to happen by a turn pretty much unless you’ve already wounded your opponent with something else. But speed and toughness definitely make it a regular starter on this team and also since it has a quick swap and no SIA so it gets the use of other SIA.

I just wish they would let us order our randomly selected dinos as that would make the SIA game more strategic and less based on hope/luck.


I know she got a huge damage buff with 1.5. Seriously thinking of leveling her up.

As far as Instant Distract. That is only a situational move. It’s best saved for turn 2 or 3 damage, or when you think ypu can predict a huge hit is coming.and you dont want to flip that coin again for that one. :wink:


Yeah but almost all hits will kill her anyway so the ID seems pointless even then. LOL


Yeah, she doesn’t have much health. None of the Gali line do.


The instant distraction is really useful. Use it when you know the opponent is going to use their killer move and you don’t want to put your faith in the dodge. Useful to prevent 90% of damage from other instant attacks before you’re able to evade. Also great against velociraptor, making it so you only take a 10% pounce and solid strike to the face before you start the dodge contest.


Sounds good in theory but always seems to be a cleanse or immune like Tryko


I don’t normally use dinos with SIAs on my team. My little brother does use alot of SIAs on his team tho, he uses Baryonyx Gen 2, Kaprosuchus, Dimorphodon and Tupandacylus sometimes. It works well for him, I might give it a try once i get Dracoceratops…


I’m having way too much fun with this SIA team right now to go back to my bigger dinos. I lose as much as I win at about 4,000 but when the right ones come up in the right order it’s brutal and I can only imagine what my opponent is thinking. LOL


The team is a bit stronger now and still fun to play. When you get the right mix the SIA team is lethal. When playing strike towers the dinos will come in the order you select them making this more viable than in the arena. But even in the arena it can be brutal if you get the right or wrong order/selection. For example I just killed Magnapyrator, Spinotasuchus, and Diloracheirus without losing a dino using only Ornithomimus & Draco2. See below for explanation.

I lead with Orno
hit opponent Spino
He swaps to Magna
I hit Magna with Orno’s hit and run to Draco 2 killing Magna
He brings in Spino and only strikes Draco2 Draco2 hits back
I Swap Draco back to Orno
Spino hits Orno with Lethal
Oron Kills Spino
He brings in Dilo
I use hit and run swapping to D2 again to kill Dilo before it gets a hit off.


Have you thought about swap in ferocity? Maybe on something with Counter or better yet AP Counter. I’m tempted to level up either my Pteranodon or my Dsungaripterus to make use of the AP Counter tactic.


I dropped down to Badlands once to fight with a SIA team (don’t worry - they were all around/below the average level there). It was quite fun, and there was a good balance of winning and losing with them. I didn’t feel annoyance with the losing streaks, either.

The only reason I’m sticking to Jurassic Ruins is because I need the Sino DNA (not sure why I bother really, haven’t received any for over a month), otherwise I’d go back there again.