Sick of fusing for 10? Take the dino out of your team


Stumbled upon this seemingly purposeful game mechanic.
After burning almost 1000 rare triceratops DNA without getting to a level up on my hybrid i was frustrated. I switched to a hybrid not in my Team but rather in my Collection, and i got ridiculous numbers. (50,20,30,10,70)
Told my friends i might be onto something, so we all tested this further.
We removed out beloved hybrids from our teams to just our collections and began fusing again.
This time, “10” hardly came up at all!
We consistently received 30s, 50s, 20s, and the occasional 70.
We returned our hybrids to our team through “Modify” and continued the process.
This time with them back in our Team of 8: 10,10,20,10,10,30,10.
Between all of us we are convinced this is purposely intended and far too obvious to be considered dumb luck or coincidental.

I’ll be taking my hybrids off my Team before i fuse in the future.
I suggest you all to do the same, and report back with your findings.


Wow, thanks! If this really works, it’s gonna save my life. I will report back when I’ve collected some data :smiley:


It seems to work. I did it now with Einiasuchus. I took him out of my “Team” of 8 dinos and got (10, 90, 30) DNA. Thank you Marini!


Wish i had of read this before literally just burning through 8k Nundasachus and 4k each of Einia and Manuj DNA >.<


Lol, love those sensational revelations threads, that don’t have any Real weight behind them. Just fused my Gorgosuchus which is on my team a few Times, and got 30, 40, 90(!), and then 10(oh no! It must be rigged!). You and your friends just got unlucky. Deal with it.


Haha yeah, same here - although it was a small sample size to test this theory out on, but i got 10,10,10,10,10,30.


Thanks for sharing.
Seriously, you took the time out of your day to add alot of useful information to this thread. There was no condensing tone or rudeness in your remarks at all. A great bit of information. Really helpful. Thanks!


You sir are correct!!
I agree completely. People trying to see patterns where there isn’t


Between several people it seems more than just a coincidence.
Its worth testing. It literally costs nothing.
Maybe its a Bug. Maybe its a way of slowing you down and encouraging you to buy more DNA? tinfoil hat
Either way, its nice to use a Forum to share info and ideas.
If you disagree with something you see on the internet, you dont need to respond and add nothing to the topic, you can just keep scrolling. Or “Deal With It”
See ya in the Arena


Stop for a while and think what is more probable: you and your friends being unlucky for a few fusions, or a grand scheme by ludia to make people what? Hunt more dinos of certain type? And while they want you to do that, they also include a simple solution for a few enlightened ones, which is just taking the dino off of your team. It makes no sense from any perspective. And statistically you have more hybrids off your team, than in your team which makes this supposed ruse even more pointless. I never noticed any patterns when fusing my dinosaurs, and sure I’ve been getting lots of 10s, no matter if the dino was on or off of team, numbers higher than 10 just seem to be rarer. That’s all there is to it. Same with people getting 5x 12 hour incubators in a row, and then 3 more 24 hours ones, while I only had one of each being way over 2700 arena. It reminds me of people mashing buttons harder in game, because it makes you run faster and jump higher.


Maybe you are right. We could even go so far as to say you are probably right. But MARINI is not doing any harm by sharing an experience that has been valuable for him/her and could be useful for others. Both opinions are respectable and useful, the problem here is this attitude that is a bit annoying and kind of ruins the good mood. You didn’t insult, you didn’t attack, but you still weren’t as respectful as you could be.

As for my opinion, I have no idea. Logic says that this is probably false, but hey, it’s worth a try. Regardless of the result of this experiment, @MARINI I have to say bravo for your elegant responses to these comments that are a tiny bit hostile towards you and your theory. I still plan on sharing my data tomorrow when I do some fusions.

As for the 5x 12h incubators in a row, I’ve been doing some research on frecuency and patterns for incubators from battle, and my evidence says that just wouldn’t be possible. There is a specific slot for a 12h/24h incubator: You can only get it once every five incubators, max.


Well…I thought this trick is just useless.
I’ve never pick up Suchotator in my team, but still usually got 10 DNA in fusing Suchotator DNA.

This thread is something like urban legend lol.


It’s definitely weighted towards 10s, and more than likely is completely random.

Einiosuchus was removed from my team to make way for a series of ankle-biters. Just put another 25 injections into her. They are, in order:

10, 50, 20, 10, 40, 10, 10, 10, 10, 20, 20, 20, 60, 10, 30, 20, 30, 10, 30, 20, 10, 10, 10, 20, 40

10’s: 11 (44%)
20’s: 7 (28%)
30’s: 3 (12%)
40’s: 2 (8%)
50 or above: 2 (8%)

As random chance would be my hypothesis, this fits pretty well with my personal experience with fusing her, as well as Suchotator and Majungasuchus. 10 is overwhelmingly weighted and will appear more frequently, with higher numbers being weighted less and less. OP may have had a lucky string, and the universe saw fit to share his or her luck with their friends.

Conclusion: OP’s friends owe the OP a drink for sharing luck, but being benched or active most likely has no bearing on the outcome of DNA injections. I’d definitely push the drink angle, if it were me.


Well it could very well be the Placebo Effect.
Im not denying that its all theory.
One thing we can all agree on: 10s suck


And that your friends owe you drinks.


Shhhh now they will patch it >:frowning:


When I have worked on creating Stegoceratops … I’ve had a few better tries in the beginning followed by tons of 10s and a 40 at the end (when I just needed 10 more anyway).

He was not in my Team (not possible before creating) and still had 80+ % of 10s (yeah, would agree that 10s suck).


I revoke the right to change my stance on my comment above!

After some further testing tonight, and a bit of patience, i can confirm this does appear to an offer worth doing!

It does feel like this method yields a more balance amount of rewards… here’s nothing it continues that way.


Okay, I just tried this with my Einiasuchas, and got as high as 50 and 90 DNA! I’m gonna keep trying this method and see what happens. Maybe I’ll try adding a Hybrid to the team and then switch it out and see what happens.


30 20 30 10 10 30 30

Could be a coincidence, but it does seem a bit higher than usual. I will keep collecting data.

Edit: more data!
20 20 20 30 10 50 10 30 40 10 20 20 10 30 20 10 10 10 20

Results: inconclusive but looking good. Interesting at the very least.