Sick of having Epic Strike towers always out of range? Here’s a solution

I know people have suggested in the past that we should have a tab that allows you to access all active strike towers from wherever you are at any given moment. A similar idea has been suggested for raids too, and I think it’s a good idea, but it would take a little more effort than the one I’m proposing.

So, instead of having like 3 different strike towers per day, with a high chance of getting ones you don’t care about or ones you’ve finished filling up all the spawn points in within your radius, how about merging multiple strike towers together so you’re guaranteed or almost guaranteed to get them all?

So if you have a common, rare and epic strike all on the same day, merge them into one multiple-step strike tower, starting with the common, then rare, then epic, so every player gets what they want.

This is incredibly simple and the only problem I see with it is that not everyone might be happy to have to complete the common and rare strike tower battles to get to the epic one at the end, so perhaps if you’re at a certain player level you can skip parts of it or something, but that seems like a minor issue to me.

At least during the pandemic, this would be a big help, especially when certain strike towers have absurdly low spawn rates.



Good👍I didnt get any Epic tower twice this week byt instead some trashy commons.although i think that replacing already done rowera with new ones is a better idea?idk

Honestly that’s a pretty useful idea for any time, though I understand why they might only want to limit it to covid times (if they used it at all). Doing some of the low level strikes is so easy for so little reward that I often don’t even take the time to do them. So having them just progress naturally up to a certain reward, with players going as far as they can and getting the corresponding incubators along the way, sounds much more streamlined to me.

So winning the first battle earns you the white “15 minute” incubator. Three wins you the blue “three hour” incubator. Five wins the yellow “eight hour” incubator. 8 wins the blue “12 hour” incubator. And 10 wins the golden “24 hour” incubator. Of course, battles would become appropriately more difficult as you progressed. I would just do it for strike towers of the same theme: trials (which could implement a similar “stacking” system), boosts, scents, and creature-specific strikes would all be separate. Theres already so many potential kinds of strike events, not even counting all the subtypes, so the least they could do is limit the number if spawns if each type. At least during the pandemic, it should help make all the strike towers easier to find.

The only downside is that it would make it harder for Ludia to separate which strikes you can do on particular days. Maybe there could be a new full run of strikes every other day? Or different days have different upper limits?


Once again, I have 5 strike towers in range and 4 of them are the same (Common), with the 5th being one I completed yesterday.