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Sick of losing battle after battle

FYI, this is a rant post for me to fume about my frustrations with those who may be in a similar boat to me. Not all of us have giant wallets or swathes of dinos to pick up each day.

I know this game is mostly centred around the battle system and clearly having a good team is the way to win, but the matchmaking lately has pissed me off. My team is by no means useless (full team of legendaries - was in Badlands but got kicked down two levels today). I was consistently winning more than I lost, but lately, every match is a loss, no matter how smart I play.

Everyone I face seems to have the perfect team, while RNG gives me my most incompatible dinos. I try my best but I stand no chance against stegoceratops (haven’t seen a blue triceratops myself, in over a month) Perma stunning, level 20 instakill raptors and level 15 instakill rexes. I don’t spend much money on this game because I feel I should be able to play without opening my wallet (foolish notion I suppose). I pick up dinos around me, although lately, all the quality ones have gone. I just have apatosaurs and useless commons that lead nowhere. I wouldn’t mind if the odd blue appeared, but it doesn’t.

How am I supposed to have a flying chance of winning a game if I can’t level up my dinos or even make new hybrids? Only a certain set of dinos are viable at current meta, so anything else is just setting you up for failure.

Yes, I know I need better dinos, but am I seriously expected to either purposely lose every game until I go to the starting arena, or simply just give up. Without those incubators, I can’t find anything remotely useful.

On a side note, I’m sick of all these dumb glitches, which just further exasperates my issue. I had one dino get stunned for two turns instead of one, losing me the match. It almost feels like people are hacking, but must be a glitch…I hope.

I’m close to quitting at the moment because I’m losing all enjoyment for this game. It’s supposed to be fun, not an irritating chore.

Rant over and sorry for complaining so much, just needed to vent somewhere and tbh I feel Ludia deserve it as of late.


I have to agree. The battles now are way harder suddenly and the dinos got way more leveled up. I battle dinos 8 to 10 levels higher than mine. How is that fair?


I’m in the same boat. I’m also playing, mostly, free, and have many of the same issues. I haven’t, so far, dropped levels, but I haven’t really advance either in weeks. The issue is the same problem you’re having. I don’t live in town, and there are almost never any dinos available from home. Even if I walk the neighborhood, the most I’ll find is two. So I pick some up when I’m in town, but that’s relatively slow going, even if I find ones I need, which isn’t common. Another frustrating part is the incubators. They literally never give me DNA of anything I want or need. Sometimes they seem to intentionally ignore what I need. For example, recently, my free incubator has been giving me velociraptor DNA every time. I’d also get some from the 3-hour incubators too, and finally got up to being just 3 DNA points away from leveling it up. Then, nothing. The free incubators switched to something else, and I stopped seeing them out. I finally got it, but it took about 2 weeks to get those 3 points. And it’s that way a lot. My incubators, even the 12 and 24-hour ones, seem to just give me DNA of whatever dino is the farthest away from leveling up. It is definitely frustrating, and I’ve considered deleting the app. I haven’t been able to level up a dino I actively use, outside of the raptor (finally) in about a month. Sigh.


I may be wrong but I think there is something in the game that notes what you have allot of and gives you more and also spawns the dinosaurs around you with the same ones!

I guess the solution is level them all up and see what happens.

Problem is I don’t want to waste 200,000 coins to see if it changes anything so I will live with the excessive DNA

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I usually go ahead and level everything up, but it’s such a waste of coins. I have several hybrids that are less than 20 DNA points from being able to use, and I never see them, or get DNA for them in incubators. I have one, and I don’t remember which, that is 3 points away, and has been for about 2 months.


i am in total agreement. i can get MAYBE one or two wins into badlands, then suddenly the game gives me all the dinos on my team that are not that great (but still amongst the best i have) and my opponents all have dinos 6 levels and 2 thousand HP above mine…and when i check them in recent opponents after, they were the next arena.

I get that it’s a business. but you’ll make more money by not angering the free-but-on-the-fence players…if i could get to where every week or so, i could level up in the arena, darn tootin’ i would start spending a few bucks here and there.

Consider that, developers, when you are planning your next big update.


not only 3 points away, but my two that are close to being able to be created are Blue and both of my T Rexes…


It’s good to vent every now and then. I’ve been traditionally ahead of the curve in battles until I got to Sorna Marshes. Then I dropped to about 50/50… but two days ago I played some battles in the Arena just looking to get a couple incubators going… and I lost 5 in a row to some over-leveled raptors, level 20, saw my first Stegodeus as an opponent that wiped my whole team out by himself (I had a really sucky draw that battle too so I felt helpless throwing dino’s out to get slaughtered apologizing to them as I selected them). My highest is 15. I started winning my 6th match 2 to 1 only needed one more dino to kill… then the game glitched and I was choosing from missing attacks, against an opponent I couldn’t see, and couldn’t tell what was happening… was it actually hitting them? Was I getting hit? So I reset the app, took me back to the Defeat screen.

I was done for the night, I haven’t played in the Arena since. I’m just waiting for whatever matchmaking folly is going on to get resolved, maybe I’ll hit the Arena the next time I’m forced to do an update.

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Begin Rant : Sometimes in Arena 8 I don’t get all the dinosaurs I want and the opponent gets ones that he prolly wanted. : End Rant


It’s lame fighting the same beasts over and over again. If I had a dollar for every time I had to face stegaceratops in the first round…


It feels like the new raptor of the arena. It’s also ridiculously op for a hybrid when compared to other similar offerings and their mismatched skills.

I thought maybe an immune dino would have a good chance as she could avoid stuns, but they just don’t have the damage output, nor the sustain to see the fight through to the end.


Don’t all of you have a Stegoceratops? It is easy to get… And also not even OP

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I have a level 15 Stegoceratops. I just got finished losing 10 battles in a row. In those battles, I had Stegoceratops about half the time. Once, I met a level 11 Stegoceratops to start. Fine, right? Nope. We exchanged Thagomizers, then I hit Stunning Impact which did damage, but no stun. He hit the same move. I was stunned. Then he stunned me again with Greater stunning strike, then killed me.

In those 10 battles, I landed 0 stuns, and 0 crits. I was stunned 7-8 times (I wasn’t counting at first) and crititcaled 6 times.


Don’t fight in the arena unless it incubator shelf is empty. Who know what kind of incubator I’ll get. Don’t just after points.

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How did you manage to be in badlands with a full team of legendaries in the first place? You should be at like 4000-4500.


Think has been said over and over again… I used to do well in BATTLES now all of sudden I lose about 10 or 12 in row then win 1 then start losing again…it spoils the fun but this game is all for those players with more money than sence… please make the BATTLES fair for everyone not just for the big spenders


Tank your rating by 1000 and try again. You’re no longer pulling your weight in whatever arena you’re currently in.

That’s what I’ve honestly thinking. Just going afk on arena and tanking my rating to find the same ranked players as I am. Clearly something has changed in my rank. Perhaps people dropping down to get easier matches.

People complained about bots, so they no longer set the scales by taking trophies from people who rose too high and giving them out to people who fell too low. Nothing sets the scales actually. People around your level improve their team and tactics. If you don’t keep up, they’ll beat you and rise higher and you’ll drop lower.

The dropping down (on purpose) thing could be a factor too.


I’m pretty strongly considering just quitting. Not because of the losses, because they’re just a symptom. I don’t really like the battles. They’re just a means to an end. I enjoy collecting, but it has become nearly impossible for me, and more frustrating than anything. In the past, on a normal day, I could collect 2-3 sets of DNA from my home, and if I had time to take a walk, could grab somewhere between 3-6 more. Then, at work, I could grab another 2-3, and several on the drive. They were mostly common, but it was fun. For the past few weeks, that’s all dried up. I basically get none from my home. Maybe one every 3-4 days. If I take a walk, or two, I can get 3-4. At work, I also get none now. I still get some on the drive, but it’s not enough to really work on levelling up. It’s a terrific game, and fun, but it’s just losing my interest at this point. My only way to get any real DNA is through incubators, and quite frankly, the DNA I get from them is useless 95% of the time. I’ll give it a little longer, and see how it goes. I really hope things improve here. If not, I sincerely hope the rest of you continue to enjoy.