Sick of losing to LUCK over SKILL in arena

I am sick of losing because of luck over skill.

Really somehow a baby (compare to mine) account around 4900+ trophies (idk how he reached there as not dropping trophies because his team was Indominus level 20, Monomimus level 18 and other low level legend); busted my team.

Indominus dodged both times, then he swap Monomimus and he dodged 5x times. Really? My team didn’t picked my Monomimus so no nullifier.


That sucks, happens to me over and over again. But I think you should really have at least two nullifiers in your team.

Welcome to the club.


Things weren’t as bad in lower arenas, mainly because most people hadn’t unlocked Indoraptor and Monomimus. At Jurassic Ruins, it goes from evasive action to cloak to evasive action. Becomes tiresome and makes the game less enjoyable.


Fair enough if you cloak or put on evasive measures when your health is low but I absolutely hate those that uses them immediately. AND those that puts on their shield off the bat as well.

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I just make them wait 12 or so seconds everytime when I choose my next skill to use if they immediately spam evasive. Yesterday I played against this one guy and our match started Tragodistis vs. Monomimus. That guy used evasive first and when she had about 1k health left he changed to other dino. When that other dino finished my tragodistis I took in my Indoraptor cause I was able to finish my opponents dino with armor piercing strike and I also knew that my opponent would bring Monomimus back. So I was right, monomimus enters again so I immediately switch to my higher level monomimus and got no damage to my own because that guy used evasive just like I knew that would happen. I won that match 3-1 but could’ve been way harder if I wouldn’t have my monomimus with me.


Don’t use cloak unless health is low when you can smash through them with force unless they use sheild then its monostego for the win