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Sick of the bugs


Hey there. I keep losing my energy for alphas as the game keeps freezing when I’m about 4 moves in. This is the second time with this alpha that I’ve had to flee as I can’t finish the game. And I also lost one of my alpha energies this morning (started with 3, played 2 and then had 0/3 left). So that’s twice today I’ve lost the chance. I’m on a team where I’ll get kicked off and plus, I want the chests!

I also sent through an email last week as I couldn’t buy any runes. I’d never tried before but I was only 19 away from getting the last copy of the snoggletog toothless. Wasn’t happy I missed out because the game wouldn’t let me buy them.

If it freezes, autoplay should work, but you’d have to autoplay the rest of the round.

I tried auto but it still doesn’t work. Left it on for awhile and still no go. :sob::sob:

Two questions out of curiosity: Do you always clean re-install the game after updates and how much RAM do you have?

I had a lot of issues because of these two reasons a while ago and am now doing fine.

No idea about RAM but know I have 30GBs of storage left on my phone which is almost half. And by clean re install do you mean to uninstall the app and then reinstall? Because I haven’t done that ever.

Storage doesn‘t have much to do with RAM. (It’s like talking about your food back home in the fridge when I’m asking you how much you’re currently carrying with you.)
The RAM decides how many and how intense tasks your device is able to handle at a time - and TU requires freaking 1.5 gb of RAM (to work in general and without bugs that doesn’t come from the coding itself, not neccessarily to perform smoothly). Meaning if your device can’t handle a task it will tend to lag until the game may freezes, tend to lose the connection if actions on your device are not performed fast enough (and reconnecting usually takes another energy because Ludia can’t handle it any other way?), when it’s worst, the device will suddenly shut down the current tasks including the game etc.

Yes, that’s what I meant. Only do a clean reinstall if you’re connected to Facebook / Google Play / Game Center or similar to keep your progress! Somehow an update-only tends to bug with this game since the update is not properly overwriting the old game or whatever there may happens (I’m not an expert).

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I’m sorry to hear that, Ozclan. May I ask which device you’re using to play the game?

If you had already reached out to our support team, they’d be sure to try and assist you as best as they can.

Hi @Ned. Yes they’ve just replied to me today. I’m using an iPhone XR. Cheers


Just wanted to let you know that I googled the iPhone XR and it apparently has 3gb of RAM which should be just fine!

So if the bugs are still there after clean re-install, it’s definitely because of the coding and needs to be fixed by Ludia!

Aww thanks @Bee I might try uninstalling it and reinstalling to fix any bugs floating around.

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