Sick of the Critical and Stun Bias


How am I suppose to overcome people with identical dinos when they get more Crits and Stuns than I do by a good ratio. Mostly Level 15 epics. Somehow my Stegoceratops can’t stun for his life a vast majority of the time. Rex cant go for the huge chunk either. It’s almost as if the game wants me to stay within a certain number of points. I had no problem beating people one after the other and it seemed fair with hits. Now I barely see them in my favor and have to rely on Stegodeus to bail me out sometimes lol! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not much into or try too hard in the battle aspect of the game but it’s ridiculous. I know I’m not the only one. Screenshot_20180912-033549_JW%20Alive|243x500


^yep…all of this^^^


I’ve given up in trying to understand that this is just a random game of chance and probabilities…

not only stun/critical bias, but I’ve noticed when I’ve got a dino of the same level (no buffs or slow) that theirs always goes first.

on iOS about half the time it shows the ? mark on both dinos to determine who might go first (we don’t see how they came up with it, just that theirs went first – then got a crit) … but on my Android I’ve seen several times where it shows my dino with the >> mark, but then theirs goes first


Whoever clicks a move first goes first in cases like that.

The rest of you though, it’s just RNG. The game isn’t out to get you specifically, we all have unlucky days where it feels like it :grinning:


see, not knowing that before gives me more understanding, thanks


Oh also I’ve heard that if your dinosaur has the same speed of another dinosaur but they’re not the same TYPE of dinosaur, their rarity dictates who goes first (like a legendary will move quicker than an epic dinosaur, an epic will move quicker than a rare, etc) but I can’t confirm that for sure, even though it does seem to make sense.