Sick of the Poor Balance in Battles

While the tournament runs I have stopped playing in the Arena. Tournament 3 for some reason worked fine but this time around there is no fun and the imbalance of teams has returned.

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between 250/300 depending on the day. Now stuck in 4100/4200 with a max record of 4400.
I just sit down and relax. Why to worry when facing a. team 5/6 level above mine? Apart from only having a lvl 21 indoraptor…

It’s a game!!

However it would be fine if battles were a little bit more balanced

The fun is gone from the arena. I’m sitting this one out at least until the tournament ends, maybe longer.
It’s like they nerfed the whole game.

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I just ride the wave out to get my incubators.

Start at 4300. Battle my way down to 3900, getting some incubators along the way, until I am the one several levels higher then win my way back up, getting incubators along the way until I meet users several levels higher than I am, getting incubators along the way, then back down a few hundred, getting incubator along the way, until I am the one several levels higher….

It is frustrating to go on the downward losing streak but I know I will eventually just be that much larger than my opponents and will finally start winning again. It is also frustrating to be facing Unique several levels higher than my Legendary. I take the beating and move onward.

I see it as giving the higher Dino players their winning streak. Then me getting my winning streak by being the ‘bully’ at the lower levels.

Everyone complains about this but no one has come up with a viable alternative MM system. @Wrothgar started a thread about it, but no acceptable system came from it. If anyone can think of a working solution, I am sure the community would be willing to hear them out and discuss it.

I think we can all agree that the Tournaments start the wave of huge winning/losing streaks. By artificially displacing the stabilized trophy count it forces ‘unfair’ matchups which spiral downwards. These streaks can go for hundreds of trophies. When a Tournament is over and things stabilize again, my win/loss streaks are much more moderate, within 100 to 150 trophies.

I hear folks saying if only they had enough coins and could level up their teams, it would all be fine. This is incorrect. You may advance in highest trophy count but still be susceptible to the huge trophy count swings, just a little higher each time. Instead of going from 4300 to 3900 it would be 4500 to 4100 or 5000 to 4500. It affects everyone at every trophy level. Exception: I cannot say about the folks at the top of the leader board though as I have never been up there. They might experience different swings or no swings at all.


I dunno having just unlocked 3 uniques powered 2 a bit and levelled dracg2 I’m having a lot of fun! I still get crazy lose streaks but if my team set up right usually followed by crazy easy win streak. I’m also fighting Dino’s 5-10 levels higher but if your strategies are solid it don’t matter what lvl you are facing!

I don’t care about the tournament, I don’t care about leveling to new arenas, I just want the incubators. That’s why it’s frustrating to hit the wall for me. I just wanna get my 3 hour incubator ticking so I can go about my real life business, but no I have to lose 20 times in a row instead.


Getting worse! I have been playing and experimenting in various ways & it does not matter, it is like the game identifies what the outcome needs to be, then the stun’s, cloak, evasive stance & critical hits are engineered accordingly to achieve the result required for the identified player.

It is very clever, however it also would appear to be a deceitful attempt by Ludia to get more money spent, not good Ludia, you need to take the % chance out and make the game balance correct.

Please listen & sort it out!

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i see the meta change something, and this is just the beginning, the balance come slow but im sure it comes.

this could all be sorted out by making the tournament opt-in, but that request seems to be consistently falling on deaf ears.


Perhaps making it opt in would limit the pool of available PvP opponents for both in and out. Maybe not at the upper levels where they would be competing for a decent reward but at lower Arenas where an Epic or Rare incubator is not worth the headaches.

Splitting the available players would create much longer wait times and necessitate BOTS as opponents. I would not mind AI as I just want to keep incubator slots full. Then we would be getting all the angry ‘cheater’ posts about fighting something unfair where it has two of the same Dino per battle.

I haven’t bothered since the tournament started, as I stated in another post.

Sometimes I just wish there was no ‘falling back’ where the arenas are concerned. I don’t mind losing multiple battles in a row… Provided I don’t get kicked back into Sorna Marshes. Nothing annoys me more than getting kicked down there, losing another battle, winning the next and, because I’m still stuck there for one more battle, I get an 8 or 24 hour incubator for Sorna Marshes. No chance of T-Rex DNA from that incubator then, all thanks to a losing streak.

I really think that how this game handles the incubator rewards contributes to the frustration of losing streaks.

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Thanks @Wwwoodchuck ! I would love to see more discussion:


Agreed… though it never seems to fail… I don’t get a crit hit until the dino was going to die with a normal hit anyway…

Do I go on big losing streaks? Just about every week. That’s how it works sometimes but I always recover. It sounds like you do as well.

What is Ludia supposed to do, have you alternate wins and losses? What happens when you win and Ludia wants you to lose the next match but you battle an opponent who also just won and needs a loss? One of you needs to get a second win in a row. Then there is a 25% chance your next opponent also has 2 wins in a row? Maybe Ludia’s program should have you both lose? Do you really think the streaks are purposeful?

58 creatures to level up? I’m at 80. You do realize that you are NOT supposed to level up every creature, don’t you? That’s a tremendous waste of coins and would be dumb. Most, like 3/4, should stay below level 10 forever as there is absolutely no reason to go farther. And level 10 is just an example because there does seem to be value before then for XP. But once you are level 20 player, just keep the new commons at level 1, even level 2 is a waste of coins. No purpose.

And everyone seems to think that the losing streaks are not warranted. Maybe the high levels you achieve are not warranted and the losing streaks get you to where you really belong. Now are you ticked off that Ludia was giving you more wins than you deserve?

And not sure how the losing streaks makes Ludia money


Ten levels higher doesn’t matter because your strategies are that good. Wow you must be very clever.

Usually when a person over levels one Dino the rest of team is quite lacking!

I am afraid that the strategies would work at/after 4000 trophies. It’s more of RNG play. I always encounter almost same teams which include Irex/Irap. This gets even more tedious when myself and the opponent starts with same leveled Utasino/Spinotasuchus/Suchotator. Not that I am complaining, but, strategically game is when we were below 3500.

And when it comes, meta changes again. Rinse and repeat. Lol

It’s nothing but crits win the game. Indo crits twice in a row to kill your first dino then one shot your fresh one. No strategy at all, just who ever RNGesus loves more. I’m all for getting a good cross and crucifying RNGesus.

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Rngeezus must die to purge the sins of money grabbing ludia are doing! :joy: