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Sick of this game already

I just started playing again after months of not playing firstbof all it didnt give me my old game so I start over I dont mind my problem is my battles I am playing level 5 and 6 dinos but up against level 10 and up there needs to be a fairnss to rhis and when I do manage to pull a wun out of my ads so few trophies I win Mabry 20 but lose up to 40 per loss what gives i used to spend actual money on rhis game but I don’t see myself giving thos game a cent now


Welcome back to the club.

This is our game now. Wait until you encounter boosts, a whole 'nother level of what the fudge.


I would suggest that there are very few players that are around your level, so it is difficult to get good matches during the first few days. Once you get some dinosaurs leveled up, then you should see matches that are much more fair.

Once you get to around level 10, you will encounter boosted dinosaurs. These will be very difficult to overcome. Ludia has broken the game balance by allowing powerful dinosaurs to be modified to be freakishly fast. While this is disappointing to the vast majority of the player base, it can be overcome with time and effort.


Im only at 4k trofees range and that is wath i fight against ,i feel your pain pal this game its ridiculous and even more ridiculous are the devs behind it
Look at this freak

I don’t mean to be rude or dismissive, but if you don’t like it just quit. Plenty of other games out there.

It is clear the devs do not care what is said here on the forum - I mean look at boosts as an example. They have ruined PvP for the most part (especially speed). Most people here have said they would be willing to trade them back for cash paid, me included. People have given many suggestions for how to fix it, but they don’t really care. They will soon be selling shield and crit boosts as well. It is a cash grab.

There are other ways to try and enjoy the game - collect Dino’s for instance. If you think your aggravated posts here will change anything you’re mistaken.

I personally just play the game for PvE and no longer care about what happens to it. I am trying to get some Dino’s and am not sure what I will do after that. 1.9 is around the corner and I have the feeling the game will get much, much worse honestly.


I have to disagree with you that the developers don’t listen. They do, and they make changes that we request (we don’t always make the best requests, see what happened with arena droppers and the ensuing matchmaking fiasco). Where they don’t listen to us is where they are making the money/what costs them money, they aren’t going to change that.

I am also at the point where I don’t care about the game, I just play for fun now and enjoy it far more.


Would disagree. They “listen” to those comments that fit what they’ve already done/were planning to do anyway. And to a point I agree they aren’t going to take away boosts (for example) because they clearly need to make money.

But, in the case of QoL features like Alliance tools, swap in bugs, and worse yet game-breaking ‘features’ like speed boosts; all we hear are crickets. They must be deafened by the constant “CHA-CHING!” of people lapping up boosts to feed their overpowered Rats and Thors.

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Hey that reminds me, boost strike Tower and boost sale today! :rofl:

They would have to allocate resources to make that (QoL features) happen. that would cost money. I think they are very lean (cheap).

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That’s fair. From just looking at the complaints made in their other games, they’re too busy making all their games leaner than to work on QoL enhancements.


Honestly I would have just stayed gone; I’m currently trapped by my addiction to collecting and completing games, but if you managed to get out it’s probably a good idea to stay that way. Ludia are dragging this game down to oblivion and there’s very little reason to come back to it


Totally agree. I stick around in hopes that they’ll actually make the game playable again but only do the bare minimum to get my daily’s done. Even if all they did was put MM back to trophy count, I could suffer thru but speed boosts and the Rat sucked all the fun out of the arena.


Haha, not for me. I really enjoy the game now because I couldn’t care less about it.
If I don’t finish challenges or dailies, I don’t care. Miss an available strike? I don’t care. I’ve got several hundred boosts stored as unused because I know they’ll either expire (be pulled back) or the creatures everyone used them on will be nerfed into oblivion.


We will have to agree to disagree. I think the decisions are not made for players, but for profits. If it lines their pockets it works. If that happens to coincide with a suggestion by players that’s fine, but it’s certainly not he main objective.

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Sick of this game? Bye!

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That’s not disagreeing with what I said, that’s exactly what I said in different terms.

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K Bye :raising_hand_man:

You think that’s bad.

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copypasta 101

You think that’s bad?

Level 30 vs my level 25. Highest one I’ve encountered thus far.