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Sick of this Ludia

Everyone above level 10 has seen this:

It’s useless, and it’s just a constant reminder that you don’t have enough coins to evolve every single dino you own. Please remove it, and only show the red circle for creating.


Doesn’t really bother me :man_shrugging:t2:

At a certain point you just got to pick and choose what you should use your coins on.

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You don’t want to evolve every single Dino you own. I don’t level anything unless it has a hybrid I want to make. Even if I had unlimited coins I wouldn’t be evolving just cause the green number is their.

I’ll admit it’s pointless but at this point Id have to adjust to not seeing it their.

True. Useless icon info.

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I’ve learned to ignore it

I am at level 12 and only at 80

Don’t level every dino.
You’ll seriously regret it later on.

Does not bother me.

If I had unlimited coins, I would evolve all of my dinos to at most the level needed for their hybrid(s)

Then the safest bet is level 5

You never know what rarity of hybrid their gonna throw out their is nothing stopping them from creating another rare hybrid that fuses into an epic hybrid that is really good like sarco or thyla.

Or say you level it to 20 in hopes of a unique hybrid and they use that Dino in a legendary hybrid that then fuses into a unique… huge waste of dna.

And you’ll still end up with 99+… because if you aren’t leveling for creation or improving your team or tournament squad. Stock piling that dna is the safest bet.