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SideStep NEEDS a cooldown!

In what world does it not get annoying when players can just press this button over and over? After cautious strike, this is the next thing that needs to get rebalanced. Especially when Quetzorion is already faster than most other dinos at baseline (if not, it will be after this button gets spammed) and when it has 1650 base damage.


At least this move doesn’t damage. If it did then I would be hella annoyed. Now it would need cooldown if it has damage.


Look at the whole kit tho Matt. You can spam this button until it’s 3300 rampage opens up … spam it again so you barely take any damage the next turn… and then pop the rampage again…
All while cleansing and speeding up.

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laughs in carnotarkus


The best thing to use againts quetzorion would be Thoradolosaur. At least it doesn’t absorb 100% of damage. You can just keep your biggest hit for the end since they would like to dodge your biggest hit.

This guy is actually a great Dino … I don’t see it in the arena nearly as much as I’d expect. (64-6600)

It’s on my team. Goes well with Kapro because of the rampage on erlidom if it gets rampaged by it. Also goes well with Utarinex and Erlidom to be swapped in after they run.

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Doesn’t bother me. I just use this to counter it…

…and press this button over and over! :stuck_out_tongue:


Smiles and chuckles in Edmontoguandon


Like it’s not a problem


Wait until you face 27+ ones that are whale boosted.

Precise rampage makes me love Spyx even more though. Needless to say, a cool down is still necessary for Sidestep.
I can’t wait until Ludia decides to Crtl-Z their mess up on Maxima too.


I like it but it needs a nerf : the 100% chance to dodge 66% is too much, if it’s 50% then it’s reasonable

there was a survey on this a while back. Ludia said that they wanted side step to have a higher success rate than evasive stance. so for all those who voted to bring evasive stance up to 75% chance also brought up sidestep to 100%. 50% is also not reasonable. Thats going back to making the move useless. (that is if it is 50% chance to dodge. If it’s 50% damage mitigation, i can somewhat see your point.)

Tho, I don’t think Sidestep is that much of a problem. it’s a buff move that does zero damage. The creatures that have sidestep are not immune to slow or stun, so there are ways to make it kind of a wasted turn that don’t require nullifiers or precise attacks.


Not 50% to dodge but dodge 50% of the damage

I wouldn’t say a cooldown, but Sidestep should be 75% and the other dodges 66%

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What you mean?

I think it’s fine. It’s a nondamaging move and it gives you plenty of opportunity to smack it with good damage. Spamming it is often a suboptimal play. Plus, it’s not like Orion doesn’t lose to plenty of things. Mainly Thor, Maxima, Tryko when it’s not set up, Yoshi, Gemini, and some others.


If sidestep gains a cooldown then what move would phorusracos use for the first turn?


If it can be cooldown 1 then atleast it can cycle with sidestep and raking claws if that’s enough for you.

Sidestep is not a problem at all.
Geez it seems every move a dino has at somepoint people scream change it… I despair at some people. :roll_eyes: