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SideStep NEEDS a cooldown!

There’s also Defensive Stance (no cooldown or delay) and Prowl (no cooldown or delay).

Also Instant Invincibility has a delay. It also appears in the movesets of various prevalent counter-attackers, including ones that also have Instant Distraction.
Prowl also appears in the moveset of a counter-attacker, my point being all these can somewhat-directly lead to significant damage dealt.

Sidestep cannot.


Yeah just realised the reason I was able to keep doing the Cha Cha in front of a faster Erlindominus was there wasn’t a cool down Had a good dance before I was destroyed :joy:

Sidestep is also a basic move, so nerf it if you must, but a cooldown or delay won’t do.
Same for Defensive Stance.

You’re absolutely right!
These moves are all priority moves that do multiple actions and should have cool downs too.

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Here’s my interpretation of the delay and cooldown reasoning.

Yeah but:
Diplo, koola, Gemini, ornitho, procera and suchotator all have instant distraction with no counter attack


Ardonto, Max, koolabourgiana, darwezopteryx and stygidaryx all have instant invincibility with no counter attack either.

Also Wuerhosaurus has ID, and Ankylosaurus is the OG when it comes to II.

All of these creatures are either relatively new or didn’t originally have either move in the beginning, and received them relatively recently (the exceptions being Diplocaulus, Koolasuchus, Wuerhosaurus and Ankylosaurus), unlike Tryko, which as far as I can remember was the OG Unique, and its ability to use them offensively while minimising damage taken is one of its defining features.

Rajakylo, Ankyntro, Kentro and Amargocephalus have also been around for a long time, and use them in a similar manner.

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I don’t think it needs a cooldown. There’s a lot of things to do against it. My orion is lvl 30 but it isn’t crutch boosted. But there is ways around this move it happens to me quite a bit.

I use Orion too. Spamming Sidestep only takes damage from opponent continuously and finally dies. The most effective counter to Sidestep is Instant Charge from a slower dino. When Orion is stunned, it dies on the next turn as it has low HP. Chompers are also good counters as 33% of a big hit also hurts Orion very much. Dinos with slowing moves such as Stegod or Maxima are also good counters. I killed an Orion with my Maxima using only Decelerating Strike and Decelerating Impact only.

now with the new snakes, sidestep may need a cooldown.
one has a distracting counter and the other has a wounding counter. They are guaranteed to dodge most of that damage, while also dealing damage and not letting the opponent escape without doing more.
I’ll reserve judgement until i see it in action, but these two are a bit more cause for some concern.

You do know that neither does direct damage, right? Venomous counter straight up does zero, and wounding does 33% at the end of each turn, unless the attacker is Immune to DoT or Immune. Then it does zero too.
I can see why Spinoconstrictor might raise some red flags, but Dilophoboa is fine. Also funny, we were recently discussing counter-attackers and Sidestep.

Also Spinoconstrictor, apart from DoT, is not really a threat to much, so that case might actually be fine in the end. Time will tell, but it could lead to some annoying spam-fests.

huh. i thought distracting counter at least did damage. i was basing it off the video, so i might’ve confused it with the on escape ability. my bad.

Imagine having delays on both of your attacks

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