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Sidestep Spamming

How does a move that cleanses, speeds you up, and gives you 100% dodge not have a cool down?

It doesnt do any damage and the things that have it dont have damaging counters.


Considering it does no damage and is hard-countered by both Resilient and Superiority moves, some of which also have no cooldown I think it doesn’t need one


It effectively counters other cunnings, though. Phorusaura can spam it to bide time for its rampages, while also making sure its faster than its opposition to land them first.

And that is a viable tactic for it. Annoying but acceptable.


If you find a cunning fighting Phora, it’s likely freshly come in as most can’t survive the rampage. Plus Resilients already counter it pretty well, and Phora can be distracted after it does SS, lessening the Rampages, and a lot of cunning’s have Precise Pounce or Rampage anyways


Phorusaura being able to sidestep other cunnings* is just one of its strengths.
But hey, an opponent can just swap in a Tryko or a Dio, and the Phorus’ goose is cooked.

Quetzorion can counter Phorus pretty well though; shield and Nulifying rampage.

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If it spams Sidestep it’s usually going to be Distracted, and it gives the opponent time to deal damage or swap out to a resilient that can dispatch it more easily. A lot of Cunnings can remove evasion too, like Orion, Smilon, Smiloceph and Spyx.


People defended this thing before, and I was against it. Today it’s acceptable because of all the resilient moves out there… but now the problem is exactly that… resilient

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you can spam sideflap on poukan and deal damage from a hit with the counter

I know this is Ludia forum, but are we so bored that we’re actually considering whether or not SIDESTEP needs a nerf? Lol


Yup. I’ll stick to my guns here, I don’t care. On Phorusaura, it’s too much. The fact that it can stall so hard is Sarcorixis level annoyance.

A creature with a priority rampage smashes through other cunnings almost as hard as a resilient. If it speeds you up, it shouldn’t cleanse too, negating distraction and opening up for the rampage that will almost certainly go first now, not to mention that sidestep is also a priority move and the dodge is 100% unlike evasive stance or cloak, so unless the cunning has a precise move it gets bodied while barely denting the thing.

I find the move itself more fitting on the snakes as it adds interesting gameplay.

why are you trying to out cunning a cunning? :face_with_monocle:


Sometimes you don’t draw a resilient?

Oh dear, a good cunning move, on a barely decent cunning? Well we can’t have that now, can we?

I’m sorry, but if Phorusaurua and SIDESTEP of all things are giving you trouble, when over half of the meta hopelessly destroys them, you need to seriously improve your team and strategy.


I’m a card-carrying Phorusaura player and I can guarantee that once you hit Library, it’s one of the lesser creatures.
Resilients absolutely ruin it, it’s quite vulnerable to swap in attacks, most of the other speedsters can nullify, and/or distract it, and even the chompers in this range can often deal with it due to its HP.

There’s a VERY long list of things that need a nerf before we should go after Phorusaura again.


How long have you been playing?

Why is that relevant?

Curious :slight_smile:

He joined the forums a month ago.