L16 one time offer. All useless but the 16 Ankyntro. Least I got the cash and coins.

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Ouch! :disappointed:

@TyrannosaurusLex It’s a fact that one time offer seems worthless somehow. I bought 2x one time offer when level 16 & 17. The only thing I think that is useful at all are the coins and hard cash… the rest are just a game of luck :crossed_fingers:

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i really hope spino gen 2 gets a legendary. or maybe even a unique since there’s already a spino legendary. kind of surprised it doesn’t have one already.

still wonder why they give legendary DNA that isn’t a multiple of 10. we’re never going to be able to dart ankyn most likley so that extra 6 is the most worthless DNA in the game :roll_eyes: at least it’s 16. during the soft launch i got an incubator with 6 rajaky DNA :unamused:


It would be nice to pick our desired dinos before the incubators to be launched… in that case the profits would be tremendously high… lol! I guess I’m just day dreaming here :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah at one point I got an incubator with 8 Allosino DNA. :unamused:

Ugh that is roughhhhh.

I have seen a lot more Spino 2 lately so I’m crossing my fingers for a hybrid! I’ve been darting it like crazy just in case.

Would love to have spino gen 2 unique hybrid :heart_eyes:
I think I have enough dna to get her to 20lvl

I stopped buying the one time offers, for the most part they are not worth it.

well, if you want to spend money they are. you pay for the bucks. the coins and incubator are “free”.

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Yep. And I desperately needed the coins.

Did you actually see my oto :joy::joy::joy: this is heaven compared :sob::sob: still rotten though. They’re all garbage.

i got mono and anky from mine :hugs:
and at level 20, the added bonus is the only money i “have” to spend on the game now are the arena offers.
most of the ones before that were trash. as in all 7000+ DNA was totally useless :sob: