Silent nerfs and buffs


So I found out today that Ankylocodon had his long protection changed to short protection. Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus also had their basic strikes become shield breaking. Anyone else notice other buffs or nerfs?


I love when they do this. Not.


So many people shielded against my allo today and im just like welp you dont know :joy:


Still upset over my Codon. He was my Trex Buster.


Looks like Gorgo has both non-ferocious attacks as defense shattering. The first T-rex is only armor now, but the other two are still defense shattering.

I could be wrong, but those changed too, right?

I always double check attacks anyway to help focus my strategy. Looks like that is basic survival now. :smile:


Yeah just noticed gorgosuchus has strike missing, and got even more buffed :heart_eyes:


i dont think trex ever had shield piercing on basic attack. other 2 were always shield+armor


Wait, Gorgo got changed too? What’s he got now?


Tragodistis worst enemy


they need to redo megalosuchus and give it at least one defense shattering attack


Yes! Replace pinning strike 1x for Defense Shattering Strike 1x.


Megalo needs armor since it has spikes on it for gods sake!


That is a good point.


I was just getting used to the update nerfs/buffs how will I remember all this :roll_eyes::joy:


I swear if they do one more single change to the game mechanics without telling us in patch notes /announcements…

Oh, wait.



I havnt even bothered making him and just been lvling gorg up since he never had a shield breaker. If they end up giving him one ill be sad i lvld my gorg up over 15 :joy:


yeah the shield breaking is cool, just every time i face a gorgosuchus i kill it it 2 turns, especially with a deceleration attack. no armor/shield in arena 8 doesn’t last very long. megalosuchus seems like a safer long term option.


I never opem with him but ill send him in to ferocious strike finish a dino then destroy the next one in


This is why I now dart all the dinos I think are carcass level. Because all of a sudden without any “heads up” from Ludia, some lame dinos get better moves/ higher stats and now evolve into something decent.

Wouldn’t it be nice that the little red number 1 up in the top left corner with “news” would tell you the latest nerfs / buffs instead of always wanting you to buy an incubator?


1 hitting dinos is fun when it crits :joy: