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Silly Boost Choices

I have never, and I mean never, seen a 149 Thor before. I was ready to just shake my head and walk away, but decided to give it a go.

He/she swapped it in and out banking on its speed. It didn’t work. They apparently spent all their lunch money on the one dino, so the rest of the team was pretty weak. Close match, but I won. It was especially fun to take this abomination out. I sent my first in-game text, that said “oops” when I broke their dinosaur.


Went up against a Tryo with 164 speed yesterday. That did not go well!

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yeah. any immune dino with speed boost is a pain.


Especially that one with +20 spd and +10 attack. :cry:

Highest I’ve seen was in a photo on this forum … it was 147 speed.


They need Mr. DNA waving a white flag for that one


Yeah, I am sure they put all they have into one or two dinos and then pray they show up on their team. Seems a silly way to play, but to each their own. The fact that they have this monster 'roided dino and are still at my trophy level speaks volumes to their strategy.

That is just crazy.

I got a monster erlidom myself, but my team can still pull off wins even without her. Unless I get a selection that lacks in synergy and is pure dirt. I’ve started work on my other critters too recently, so my Spyx, Kapro, and Ardentis are boosted now.

i wish boosting dinos wasn’t set in stone. I wanna boost my team, but deciding what is hard when things constantly change. I was gonna go for maxima then boost her, but that plan kinda fell through right now. So far the only “safe” dino i got is tryko.


Agreed, it’s hard to make that commitment knowing that Ludia will keep changing things that could easily wipe out your investment. I have not used many of my boosts. And there are certain dinos I would like to play (Styx, Monostego, etc.), but to invest the coin and boosts only to have Ludia change them seems like a gamble.

Yeah, this guy is clearly just ahead of the curve, in his allocation of boosts. Once he runs into faster creatures, it’ll catch up with him. But, having done the same thing in boost 1.0, it is kinda fun to wipe out entire teams with Tryo!

I was just surprised it wasn’t @slugcultjen


That is common place with that particular arena from what I have observed in this forum

It was definitely not a strategic player. They switch out their Thor when I cloaked Erli, so I one-shot their Tryko. The rest of the match kind of went the same way.

I have just fought a 166 speed Utarinex…what’s the point in throwing 20 speed boosts into Rinex?

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Idk. but the fastest creatures don’t always win.
Case and point:

You gotta back it up with outsmarting your opponent.


How much money is that even, like $140?!

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Yeah, it’s crazy right? I have seen silly boosts rategys but this one is over the top. Library is a bizarre battlefield these first days after the reset.

Silly or not this is one fast stegod. Outsped my unboosted indo g1 and didn’t realize it :joy: