Silly chat filters

Can anyone please tell me where this message breaks the community guidelines, 'cause… I’m lost.

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It was developed in china, very expensive filter :scream:

What word is it you don’t like, game??? TELL ME!

Last night, it stopped me from posting “I moved up a spot.” That’s all the post was, and it got filtered for being against community guidelines.
Edit: but I know it was the word spot. Because It let me post I moved up.

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Someone in my alliance tried to compliment our group and how great we’ve all been with donations and it blocked her message :man_facepalming::man_shrugging::joy: its frustrating lol

I just got stopped from posting a players name and maxed… “______, maxed your request”

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why are filters for anything besides swear words even in place

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It tries to detect sexual phrases/innuendos too. So it’ll block a lot of stuff because it thinks it’s sexual, even if it’s not

It also blocks the word facebook. Someone asked where to find info about the present hunt, and I remembered I had seen a post about it on their official facebook. But I couldn’t tell her 'cause the game blocked the word for me. I tried “facebook” f acebook" etc, but all was blocked. In the end I ended up typing “the book of faces”. It let that through, at aleast. xD

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Can’t say discord either. We have to call it dcord. We can also say d.i.s.c.o.r.d. but it’s ridiculous.

“Player” is also a trigger word for the filter. I tried numerous variations on my intended message which was about player levels and as soon as I removed the word “player” it was let through.

I’ve wondered why that was but if the filter is trying to catch sexual innuendos or phrases it would sort of explain it. It’s still a daft system though, surely it would be better to have the members police what is said since everyone’s sensibilities are different.

Plus any determined players would easily be able to create a work around. Cockney rhyming slang anyone?

I knew that was going to happen. :rofl:

And I have a strong suspicion why my post was hidden. When it’s unhidden, look at the third paragraph.

From what I can tell, its the " 'd " that gets the hit from the words " I’d " and " you’d ". That is the only common denominator between the two.

Nice spotting there. But… That’s just… Proper English.

Next they’ll not want us to use any punctuation at all. It’ll be an utter shambles, cat’s and dogs living together, mass hysteria, etc. etc.