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Silly PVP battle

Feel free to merge this one - I can not find the silly pvp thread…

Explorer’s Boots (75% melee attack on move) - no proc, no proc, no proc, miss, no proc, no proc, miss, no proc. miss (Close to the record of misses.)
Mass Hold Monster - Resist…Resist…Resist…Resist.
Dominate - Resist, Resist
Disarm. Resist, Resist, Resist, Disarm!
Guardian of Faith (50% melee attack x2 on move) no proc - no proc - no proc - no proc - HIT - no proc. Just heal…

As bad as this sounds it was a close game (loss) due to my Priest. Still seems procs and/or % of success on items is continuing to drop dramatically! Oh, not a bot as I got a lot of emotes! I know this is random, but it sure seems statistically improbable. So now it makes me say hmmmmmmm???