Silverhand bundle

Ugh. I should know better than to spend 3500 gems on a 2 for 1 pack. I have been burned on the legendary packs before where I always get 2 of a card I already have, and always a boring armor or hood.

But I thought since i was guaranteed a silverhand weapon it would be ok. And since i only have 1 silverhand currently (Pikel), I would most likely get something new. WRONG. I got 2 more of the same Pikel Silverhand I already had. So frustrating. Now I own 3 silverhands, ALL Pikel.

It is just a horrible way to sell your product. No one would ever purchase a 2 for 1 pack twice. If i received a decent value, I would buy these frequently.

I guess I will go back to only buying single cards so I know exactly what I am getting.

if i am not mistaken if you dont already have a SH for a character and buy a random pack it only gives you items for characters you already have them unlocked, in this case since you only have pikel unlocked you got 2 pikel weapons? i could be wrong but i think thats how it works

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While your explanation makes sense, I wish that were detailed before the purchase. if you have the character unlocked, you have the SH weapon already, so you are always buying duplicates.

Again, I’ll just stick to the purchase of visible cards from now on.

thats honestly the best way to go. i dont ever purchase any random packs, i only buy packs for specific characters and thats it. This is coming from someone thats a top end player with 30k gems. I have bought loads of packs, always just buy for specific characters or you have a good chance of not liking the results

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You can typically see in advance what your draw pool is for any given pack purchase. When I click on info for the current silver hand offer, it tells me that I have a 50% chance of drawing one of two cards.

And don’t forget, they aren’t really duplicates, you need 17 cards to unlock the maximum effect level.

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