Silverhand Gear

What do people think of silver hands for bard, rogue, barbarian?
These all seem like they are much worse than other choices for those heroes to me.

Bard: 50% chance to proc and 25% chance to land on who I need. So, roughly 12% chance of aid to a character in time of need. I don’t like it. I would reconsider if it went for the character who had the lowest health.

Rogue: I don’t see Slow here as very useful because it has a chance to fail and especially here because of the damage penalty of the weapon. I would reconsider if the chance was 100% and included Misfortune.

Barbarian: It’s better than the legendary if he Taunts. Then again, I don’t use his Legendary. He is the weakest of my tanks and I prefer to use his Manticore’s Tail. Besides, the name is cooler. :wink:

Raika is a female btw


The Rogues slow is interesting but fails to have an impact if she is in the wrong initiative order. Like if she goes right after a taunter. Seems if the Op. turn order bar hasn’t filled up at all the slow can’t reset it. Or if they are down to there their last toon the slow does nothing to change turn order.
Calli’s seems ok when you get down to fewer toons in squad and can be a pain to deal with when it gets down to Just Her and she heals herself every attack coupled with her other healing abilities.
Barbarians seems unnecessary if you have the legendary Taunt + Counter attack. If not than might be ok once it’s upgraded.

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