Silverhand Month

I wonder how well received this event is going to be:

A new Silverhand Trial every week.

I love it personally I’m curious to see what the weapons are. Some might consider it wiser to avoid more Silverhand options to level one up faster but I can’t see myself resisting the temptation of a new toy.

Depends on if it’s all PvP event garbage. I suspect it will be. In which case: fail.

With my win rate at PVP my bank account is not big enough

If they’re long VIP events (i.e. longer than 10 battles) then I’ll be snoozing again.

I’m also unhappy that the first week is going to be Halbenet according to the calendar

Agree I’d perfer a new one although for people with that weapon at least it helps level it up quicker.

So the question on everybody’s mind is “Does Lydia know how to do an event that is not PvP?”

And the answer, sadly, is “no”.

Especially considering how many resources (someone time, someone money, someonestress) many players have invested in grinding epic/legendary weapons.

I just want to give my opinion here.
I don’t have a problem with PVP events.
I have a problem with the amount of WORK required to complete a pvp event. That also means the amount of resources you have to waste in order to get it completed.
I think for test of might battles and these special event pvp arenas should follow a different kind of progression other than “just win 10 battles, or win 14 battles, twice”.
You have to make it feel like no matter what the player is doing, if they’re willing to spend the resources there should be some kind of progress. Matchmaking hasn’t been the best, and it’s obvious that it is a problem the devs might not be able to handle, not right now anyway.
In that case, for these TOM events/special pvp events, change the progression system.
I had an idea last time and it was to introduce ghost opponents and a points system where more points are rewarded for defeating real players than ghost opponents.
Scratch that, just go back to what you already have, and that is how the silver chest progression system is. You get a point for each UNIT you defeat in battle BUT change it a bit so that a win gives you EXTRA points. This also it gives an incentive to want to win.

And yes, same idea, 3 strikes and it’s gem payment.

I can barely even get myself to do this. Too many times have I seen 3 dice give me a small amount of gold basically to cover entrance fee. Or even seeing the epic I want being only 1 copy. There needs to be a good amount of reworks for a lot of areas of this game.

I always found it amusing how these developers misinterpret the value of time, with PvP endurance events being a prime example. It never made sense to spend in excess of 10 hours slugging through repetitive PvP bouts to win an item which I can buy with resources farmed from Challenges within a couple of hours. I assume more players had begun to realize this as the participation in endurance events has dwindled. I believe this is why the Ludians decided all Silverhand Items must initially be won via these despised events.

I cant understand why the developers continue to aggressively foist these events. I am confident more players would participate if the Ludians instead offered similar rewards via shorter PvP events or brief Challenge style events.

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Agreed Orloch
I regularly just grind challenges instead of bothering with these PvP test of might events.

Raiders of Ravenloft
You Know You Want to Come Join Us and See What All the Hype is About :crazy_face:

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I feel the same frustration.
It seems that during the Silverhand event the PVP are somehow “driven” in order to let you loose the battle and spend gems.
Less crit, more avoided attack…and you suddendly loose with a player that normally you should beat.
Silverhand weapons event is a totally waste of gems.
They are clearly cheating.

Just finished the newest trial - not that hard, spent 240 gems, got to smash a lot of players with pvp rank 300+ over mine. Fun.
But gosh, getting a third shard for Hal’s sword is a joke - I’d love to get a second piece for Shev, would love to lvl up the dagger.

The sad thing is - those weapons are complete rubbish.
Shev’s isn’t that bad, brings a lot of fun to pvp and makes a huge difference in rallies, as it injures portals.
But all the other three are so underpowered I will most likely never ever use them. So apart from bragging rights - why oh why Ludia? Screenshot_20200417-204400_Warriors