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Silverhand Pack x2 not showing in Store

Hi All,

I have been receiving this advert for the past 3 days, but it never showed in the store:

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling WoW to no avail.

I would really like to get this before is goes away.

Is anyone else getting this?


I believe the offer has already expired. It was recently removed from the Store on my devices.

[Edit: As an additional note, some players may not have achieved certain requirements. Unless this stipulation has changed, a player must win an initial copy of a Silverhand weapon before it can become available in his/her store. ]

I also saw the popup about the offer repeatedly but it never made it into my store either.

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Sorry if this is long enough to be considered Necro, but this is happening to me today and I thought it would be better to post here instead of creating a new topic about the same issue.


@Wolvierine , I had the same issue today as well. I had the pop-up, but no offer available. I assume it is unavailable to me because I have not yet acquired an initial copy of this weapon. Perhaps you are in the same situation.

@Ned, @Keith, these pop-ups are problematic. Players do not want them. There is a good reason most PC browsers come with pop-up blockers. Additionally, it is tiresome for some players to endlessly receive these pop-ups for offers unavailable to us. Please forward these comments to development team.

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yup same here, all morning its been advertising the 2/1 silverhand for me and its nowhere to be found

whats the most annoying is getting pop ups for events for 4 days when you completed the event on the first day

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Hey Orloch, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll be sure to bring this up with our team.


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@Kingoffarts. I agree the relentless pop-ups over the weekend was problematic. On top of all the other issues, these continuous pop-ups compelled me to avoid the app for a few days.

Got the hunter weapon already, it must be something else. Thanks for bringing this up to the table though.

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I have all the Silverhand weapons, got the pop-up, do not have any 2-1 offers.


Just passing by to tell you that my daily pack offers were changed to 2 for 1 SHs. They must have changed it manually, since it was out of regular update time.

Mine was changed also but to just one offer. Jarlaxle Common Pack. That is strange even by Ludia standards.

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Are you still missing any SH? If so, maybe that’s the problem, as @Orloch mentioned before.

Got Shevarith’s (didn’t resisted the temptation and 11/10 it XD) and Farideh’s. Joppa was the 3rd, common pack.

Sorry for the late reply, an error occurred causing the Silverhand packs to not show up in Durnan’s store. It was fixed yesterday afternoon between 2pm and 5pm ET. The feedback of seeing the Silverhand 2 - 1 promotions even though you do not have a Silverhand gear and cannot purchase the pack in the store has also been sent to the team.

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