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Silverhand Trials not showing up in Events Tab

Anyone else having this issue?

Yeah, me too.

Calliope event don’t start

The Silverhand Trial tab isn’t present. Both Farideh’s and Calliope’s events should be up top.

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Missing event also. People have already pointed out that pop-ups are out of control. An erroneous pop-up like this is just infuriating.

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Hey everyone, we’re looking into this at the moment. :mag:

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Well, according to the calendar, it’s supposed to be on like Don.

Thanks Ned!

Hello all, there was a slight issue with the Silverhand Trial. It should start later today. Hopefully, very soon.


We have all seen what “coming soon” means to Ludia. I’m curious what “very soon” means to them.

I’m sure they are so incredibly busy trying to compensate players for the Joppa pack fiasco that the SH trial got over looked. Yeah… that must be it.

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Ty, Ned. We know your team is doing everything they can.

Perhaps when these kind of things happen you can dish out some compensation to the players. That would go a long way to soothing frayed nerves. Many players no doubt plan their days around these events. I know if I could look forward to some nice free stuff, I’d be looking forward to more of these hiccups lols. Apologies are good and all, but some gems or packs would rock.


Another user recently suggested such bugs are acceptable. As such, I suppose waiting players should not complain.

Im starting to think that a better use of a players time would be searching for a new game instead of complaining.


One could argue that the verdict is still out on what this means :wink:


Many know exactly what it means :slightly_smiling_face:

5 hours in and still no luck. So everyone gets a free Silverhand? Sounds good to me.

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While I anticipate Ludia will soon have the issue resolved, in jest I provide its definition from the urbandictionary:

coming soon

When used on the internet it means probably never coming. :wink:


Thank you all for your patience, if you restart your game, you will find the Silverhand Trial is now available. As an apology for the delay, you can also find some gems in your in-game mailbox.

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Now I get this

I also got mail saying ‘thanks for your patience’ and a ‘collect’ tab that did nothing when I clicked. Sweet baby jesus just fix it.

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I just completed one battle, did you restart your device and manually move to events?

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