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Silverhand Trials

Silverhand Trials

The Warriors of Waterdeep bravely face any mission set by Laeral Silverhand, and their courage and skill in the defense of the City of Splendors has not gone unnoticed. To reward the Warriors for their achievements, Laeral weaves her spells to create new Silverhand gear to reward the heroes who complete one more task… the Silverhand Trials!

What is Silverhand Gear?

Silverhand gear is a new type of gear designed and enchanted by Laeral herself. She has begun by creating a new weapon for each hero to complement their different fighting styles.

Silverhand gear is similar in rarity and power to legendary gear, but emphasizes different abilities and play styles for each hero.

Silverhand gear can be found in treasure chests and card packs, and then collected and upgraded like any other gear…but only after you earn your first copy of the card by completing a Silverhand Trial event.

In other words, Silverhand gear will be available in chests, packs, and even Store bundles, but only after you’ve earned the first gear card

How to View Silverhand Gear?

You can see that a new item slot for the Silverhand gear has been added to the Weapons tab in the inventory for each hero. There are no previews for the item - Laeral doesn’t want to spoil the surprise!

How Many Silverhand Weapons are Available?

For the first Silverhand Trial, you can find a weapon for either Halbenet or Shevarith. Weapons for the additional heroes will be added to the pool of potential rewards in future Silverhand Trials.

What are the Silverhand Trials?

Silverhand Trials are a specific type of recurring Heroic Adventure. You can collect rewards as you complete each stage of the event, and then earn a Silverhand pack containing one random Silverhand weapon as a final prize.

What Happens After the First Silverhand Trials?

Laeral goes back to work on the next batch of gear - perhaps for some tough melee fighters - and either Halbenet or Shevarith has a new weapon to collect, upgrade, and use in combat… until the next round of Silverhand Trials!

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Zero interest in more PVP trials. Please find a different manner to introduce new gear and characters. A true healer besides Cleric would be nice as well, maybe a Druid.


Looks like this is going to be the same event as Jarlaxle, using the faulty PVP to win. They are trying to cram PVP down the players throat when it is obviously broken. Kind of disheartening.


Thank you Ludia for your continuing efforts to improve the game and adding content.


So, in order to acquire the new gear I’ll have to submit myself to this crazy matchup system that puts my 8 level chars to battle a group of full armed 10th level squad.

Looking forward to it. /not


They are just trying let us spend more money for gems. I will only attend the free runs, even because I have grinded enough for lvl 2 legendary weapons


I didn’t bother with the Jax run and this is just the same instead of improving the game they are pushing players away with a seriously flawed pvp system…
would have been better as a new town experience, or even BOTs that are matched to your level…
I love this game but I also loath it with a vengeance…the balance isn’t with the love anymore.


In DnD, the Cleric is the only true healer actually. Though Paladins, Druids and Rangers have had heals, they are all hybrid classes. Though, I do agree with another healing class being available. Would make for a fun dynamic

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Same here it doesn’t get better my lvl 8-10a get 10-12s

My 13-15 characters are rags compared to the 19-20s they assault me with. Two turns tops and I’m cooked. Pains me to keep playing. I love the game, but there has to be a way to mend this broken system.


Why is Silverhand pitting adventurers against each other for rewards? She would be sending people out on missions for the betterment of Waterdeep and the world. With all the complaints about your pvp system why are you still revolving Almost every event around it? The event where we got to go through the various dungeons was fun and I didn’t see any complaints.


Also unless you make legendary easier to get cheaper more then 90% of the time epic will be better.


After acquiring the first copy, will the chance to acquire new copies of the card be about the same as legendary cards?

I also skipped the Jarkmvsax event, and had no regrets; it looked like it would just be an expensive ball of frustration. Please consider making at least the 2nd and 3rd tiers of the event dungeon crawls. That would incentivize me to participate in the first PVP stage instead of looking at the event and closing the app.

Please, the players are giving you feedback here, most of it worded polity. We want to enjoy the game and have a reason to spend money on it as much as you want us to!


Yeah more test of trash events I stopped doing last year. Rename your game “d&d named pvp.” You clearly don’t understand the underlying themes of d&d anyway. Here is just one, a LG cleric wouldn’t go kill another LG cleric of the same god for random loot. There can’t be more then a couple players that have maxed legendary gear. This is clearly money grab. At 2 for 1 prices it’s around $17,000 to max legendaries now. Had you really wanted to add something to game, you would have created new items that served as the second epic weapon or armor that did something. I do however commend everyone on your consistency. It’s hard to appear incompetent 100% of the time at any job. Ludia makes it look easy though.


This is an unsuitable method for introducing these weapons. Many players abhor these events and refuse to play them, I strongly suggest using a suitable method for introducing these weapons. This is another way the insiders can gain an upper hand on most players. Insiders know how the mechanics are rigged and benefit from this, which in turn punishes the rest. The Ludians are aware of this, making it shameful for them to proceed in this manner. [The developers been warned about this ad-nauseam]

ToM style events are severely unbalanced making them unplayable for many users. They should not be independently used for limited item introductions.


Most apps introduce new items in manner favorable to players. Making the introduction a positive experience. Ludians needs to reverse this decision. New item introductions should be seen as a positive, not something detested by almost all players.


Yikes, this is a tough crowd. I’ll reserve judgement until until I see how this pans out. The screenshots they use often don’t represent the final product accurately.

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Oh wow. Another boring PVP event to make us buy gems :gem:. How about using dungeons to introduce new gear and items? How about a good story and interesting locations instead another boring PVP something???