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Silverhand Trials

We’ll have to wait a while to see it for ourselves. Right now the safest play is to let someone “take the hit” (or not) and show us what the weapon is all about and then decide whether it’s worth to waste gems on it(because let’s face it, you are not going to win all your battles and if you do, go play the lottery instead).

Oh btw, based on the preview and information it looks like we’ll be getting only 1 equipment??? Unsure about that. And it’ll be either cleric or wizard, maybe you can choose just like when you level your renown.

Also from what I’m seeing, one is a sword and the other is a dagger. I’m assuming the cleric gets a sword and wizard gets the dagger. If it’s anything like the dagger that the wizard already has (melee range=1 zone only) then this weapon already sucks… maybe.

@Krom here you go. Clerics sword.


Thank for the picture and grats not sure even at level 2 I would use it over the epic level 8 :roll_eyes:/sarcasm


To quote Luke Skywalker: “What a piece of junk!”

Shev’s better be awesome, because otherwise this isn’t worth it.

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It will really depend on what the lvl 4 proc percentage is. If it’s 75%, this is by far the best cleric weapon.

Agreed but I don’t think I’ll ever get a legendary level 4

These Silverhand weapons have the potential of being a lot easier to max. Since there is only one per character, there is no diluted pool. In theory, since the sword is the only thing my draw pool, all I need to do is get 16 more Silverhand random draws and it’s maxed.

Hooo what a surprise another PvP challenge …
I though roleplaying game was about cooperation and not confrontation and compétition.
You should get rid off the PvE part and make it a pure PvP bugged game …

Game deleted

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Thanks for posting the photo. This information is invaluable.

As I suspected, due to the futility of the item, the Ludians seem to have hidden its attributes until after players wasted resources to collect it.

This is an aptly named event, but I wont be putting my silver in the developers hands.


Maybe I just had assume they would then pop in legendary pack and dilute those.

I went and read back about those and it not as I thought

22 fights to get 7 wins so it will not be possible to get thru the event


I do not have the time really to do a deep analysis of Legendary vs epic vs the new ones…has anyone published a guide or something on that topic?

Hey I knew it, it was 1 zone.

What does the Level 2 dagger do?

Same but 150% injure area if triggered

So… a slightly more powerful version of the Rare dagger. Lame. I’ll pass.

Thank you to those who posted the Silverhand weapons. Helps us decide whether to go through the pain and cost of the predictably un-fun event.


It appears that they are slightly more expensive than legendaries .

If you are trying to level up characters they offer a lot of XP when upgraded. 12,000 xp to get to level 2 and 24,000 xp to get to level 3 which is more than maxing out equipment of any other rarity.

Ask yourself do you really want to dilute your legendary weapon pool chances. I believe the new contents only goal is to create this pattern with legendary weapons. Forcing players to spend more trying to max things like saarvins bow. By cutting the chances at weapons in half, when opening legendary packs.