Silverhand Trials

Wow you guys are tough. An item that will cost you probably less than just buying a legendary. IE 2000 gems or 2 for 1 for 2500 gems. The frustrating part is actually playing a part of the games which doesn’t favor some players…I am not judging this event yet but I like that more content is coming… The alternative would be fighting monsters that less than 1% can beat. How many players can fight two walls of level 20 demons or as it might be level 20 Titans. I am still disappointed that they keep on nerfing content to people complaining. Do you remember having to go through 15 rooms? Sounds like this event is for everyone who can PvP not just end game players… You guys should stop complaining about more content that will be available to the base of players vs content most players wouldn’t be able to beat to get an upgrade which is cheaper than spending your hard earned gems. Smh


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The ultimate insult to players will be when someone chooses to slog through the painful PvP to get this new weapon, only to receive a new weapon for the Cleric which is less powerful than the Epic we already have.

At least tell us what the new weapons are, so we can weigh the cost/benefit to decide whether or not yet another painful PvP event is worth it or not.


Yes, please. I love that you continue to try to add new content, but please allow other ways to progress than pure pvp. There are a million pvp games out there, there are very few good pve games.


“Here is just one, a LG cleric wouldn’t go kill another LG cleric of the same god for random loot.” -Tyr

Idk if its the insomnia or not, I find this funny…


Hope the gear for Halbenet makes him more useful. After the last upgrade, he seemed to come out nerfed and fairly useless.

Become VIP and you will almost always be the one with the higher level character’s… Sadly this is a pay to win pvp game. I would prefer an alternate to $50 or VIP or rigged pvp to get new characters and equipment.

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Fortunately for the majority of players, ToM event rigging has little to do with VIP. I have VIP with level 16 heroes and mostly face level 20 bots in VIP events, There are other methods available to help rig these events in your favor. Unfortunately the mechanics of these methods do not work for all players, regardless of VIP status.

However, VIP does provide players with the gold/gems required to complete these events.

They said they aren’t showing it. They did not say they wouldn’t show before deciding to go for it. They may not, but that isn’t what’s they said

Pvp is decent until these type of events then it’s open season. It certainly consumes gems, not for me, but for many I’m sure. AND I’m more sure this is in part their motive.

In the 9 months I’ve been playing, I see the game shifting that way.

I will say though, you can acquire lots of gold and gems, have plenty of fun by simply playing and VIP is a must.

With the way they are handling this game, not revealing what the item does really means they rather keep us in the dark with everything. I follow the forums and i read the most recent update from top to bottom… it told me NOTHING about Dominate being nerfed but someone pointed out that it was changed.

I won’t be surprised when the time comes for the event that we still won’t be able to see what the item does until we get it. Hey maybe it’ll be good… and maybe it’ll be complete dog crap and we have wasted potentially so many gems trying to get it. Someone will have to take the hit and get it for themselves and post it in forums just so we can see what these items are about, like it has been for every pvp event so far.

I agree with your desire for greater transparency. Just this one point should be addressed.

When I have stated that the Dominate ability has been nerfed, I meant that its effectiveness in the current “meta” has decreased relative to the buffs to items of other characters, in particular by the addition of Restore effects on a variety of passives. The function of the Dominate ability has not been changed.

This might be best understood through the lens of direct effects and indirect effects. When the devs change the effects or stats of a particular equipment, this is a direct effect. In contrast, when the effect of an alteration on one item is to suppress the effectiveness of another piece of equipment, it acts as an indirect modification on that suppressed item.

So with dominate, when many restore effects were added to the game, dominate items and effects were not altered, but became weaker through an indirect effect.

I don’t think it would be reasonable to require the developers to disclose all indirect effects of their changes - a buff could be considered a nerf to all other unaffected equipment. Rather, they need to disclose where they made direct changes to how things work.

One place in particular where more transparency is necessary are these heroic adventure/test of might events. The fact that player’s max season trophy count was used to determine matchmaking originally was an example of the transparency I would expect.

The more recent silent change to adding 500 trophies to the season max at the start of the event, and 300-500 more for completion of each stage, and also correcting the trophy gain/loss algorithm are where the developers and community managers can improve their communication. It should not be left to the players to figure it out themselves.

Obfuscation does not work and instead erodes good will among the playerbase.

If I had level 20’s with max legendary gear like saarvins bow maybe I’d also think pvp was easy and dungeons hard. Personally I’m just sick of pvp searching timers and bots.

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Just another pathetic money grab. Why not add a roll to break roots and stubs at the beginning of every turn? Why can’t clerics and paladins resurrect? Why give two of the most over powered characters even more weapons? Why not just remove the fake random bs if match making and match by rank? Pvp winners and losers are determined before the match even begins. Why not remove what ever it is you think makes it random and allow players to just fight. That’s what pvp is, after all… The developers show a painful lack of knowledge of pvp and d&d . Go a head and delete my post, just like every other post I’ve written that speaks out against the bs that is Ludia. Your censorship is all the acknowledgement I need that I am right.


Lol ludia getting roasted, nothing new to see here


Well if you are just producing new events that have only the goal to get more money from your players and don’t deliver anything good and interesting you deserve nothing else than get roasted.

@retsamerol dominate was changed you know walk toward the ennemy first if you can’t then attack your own team

That sounds like a bug to me. How consistent is this behaviour?

Haven’t really tested it. I don’t use that often dominate but it been written somewhere else in the forum…

Again another half-update focused on things that people are less interested in. Apparently, Ludia is focused on not listening to the community, ignoring priorities such as updates in PVE mode, AI improvements, diversification in CHALLENGE mode, corrections and balancing skills and equipment cooldown to make PVP more attractive and paired.

Here the post