Silverhand Trials

Just fix Halbenet, restore him to what what he was before the last update,right now hes useless

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I just tried it out myself. Used Dominate on Cleric from 2 rows away. Cleric was able to move forward, I did not take centre row. Cleric attacked fellow. So my personal testing revealed no change in behaviour.

I know there had been a bug where sometimes a dominated character would move instead of attack but I don’t know the conditions for triggering it. I think the poster mistook a pre-existing bug for an intended change in behaviour.

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@Adam_Z Halbenet is still far from useless.

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This is a new behavior which occurs approx. 50% of the time since the update. Prior to the update it did not occur on play store versions of the app. The dominated hero will move forward into a completely unoccupied row rather than attack. Although developer incompetence has been a recurring issue, I discard any hypothesis this is inadvertent. The mechanic arose at the same time the developer was taking other action to nerf Dominate.

Luida should revealed what factors or proc, determine this output.

I’ve also had a dominated character do nothing (not disarmed or similar)

hi, Dev.
can I ask you a question?
Can we get all the classes’ gears according to the future progress? Otherwise, if you get the gear of one class, is it the way you give up on another class?
for example,
I want to know if I can get wizard equipment later if I get the equipment of cleric this time

Just not a practical D&D game. I have to level up lower class gear to get xp for my player to level up. A waste of gold. Money grab. The pvp is unbalanced i only go first like 15% of the time. Then the randomness of characters choosen is unbalanced i get higher level opponets and instead of giving me my highest level characters to at least give me a chance i end up with my lowest levels. Game is made to fail and require money to level up. I mean 6xp per battle. A kolbold is worth more than that.

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If anyone buy the pack right away let us know what is the new gear

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Bye bye Silverhand! Ludia you won’t have my gems


It’s exactly like I feared. Same boring PVP event just with different characters. Nothing exiting, no reason to spend any money.

I doubt a new item is crap. The real issue is trying to win enough to get it. Special battles, unlike daily battles are not so balanced!

We’ll have to wait a while to see it for ourselves. Right now the safest play is to let someone “take the hit” (or not) and show us what the weapon is all about and then decide whether it’s worth to waste gems on it(because let’s face it, you are not going to win all your battles and if you do, go play the lottery instead).

Oh btw, based on the preview and information it looks like we’ll be getting only 1 equipment??? Unsure about that. And it’ll be either cleric or wizard, maybe you can choose just like when you level your renown.

Also from what I’m seeing, one is a sword and the other is a dagger. I’m assuming the cleric gets a sword and wizard gets the dagger. If it’s anything like the dagger that the wizard already has (melee range=1 zone only) then this weapon already sucks… maybe.

@Krom here you go. Clerics sword.


Thank for the picture and grats not sure even at level 2 I would use it over the epic level 8 :roll_eyes:/sarcasm


To quote Luke Skywalker: “What a piece of junk!”

Shev’s better be awesome, because otherwise this isn’t worth it.

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It will really depend on what the lvl 4 proc percentage is. If it’s 75%, this is by far the best cleric weapon.

Agreed but I don’t think I’ll ever get a legendary level 4

These Silverhand weapons have the potential of being a lot easier to max. Since there is only one per character, there is no diluted pool. In theory, since the sword is the only thing my draw pool, all I need to do is get 16 more Silverhand random draws and it’s maxed.

Hooo what a surprise another PvP challenge …
I though roleplaying game was about cooperation and not confrontation and compétition.
You should get rid off the PvE part and make it a pure PvP bugged game …

Game deleted

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Thanks for posting the photo. This information is invaluable.

As I suspected, due to the futility of the item, the Ludians seem to have hidden its attributes until after players wasted resources to collect it.

This is an aptly named event, but I wont be putting my silver in the developers hands.