Silverhand Weapons

So having trialled my way through the Test of Might twice and used my hard earned gems to defeat 35 opponents each time I discover the following… you havent balanced the reward! A Level 2 Silverhand is 80 dmg less than a L5 epic. Therefore it equates to a Level 4 epic??? This is a Level 2 event reward??? It is 20 dmg less than her legendary which can be obtained for 40,000 gold.

This is criminal as generally balance exists in effects and level of items. For example L5 or 6 epic is similar to Rare9 or Common13. To play the mage with no range and take a 120 dmg fall at level 1 and an 80 dmg fall at level 2 makes this great event and new content disappointing to say the least and potentially not worth playing.

Add in the terrible job you did in making the Silverhand cleric weapon the same effect but less % than his legendary = no variation and worthless. In short, you have a problem here. You did a good job in the balancing recently so please go and look at this again.

My final point is as a VIP how miffed am I to discover I don’t want to play Jaraxle. He needs the buff + another action the rogue got. In arena there is no time to waste a turn to buff. Seriously he is an amazing fantasy character and his playability is much reduced as he has 2 spell lines that can be both buffs which waste his turns. Where is his bird to attack for him? What about his trick of throwing people into other dimensions for 3 turns? Please fix his moving and buffing to include actions as his raison d’etre is to move and not be hit!

Level 6 epic is the same as a level 2 legendary. Level 9 rare is the same as a level 1 legendary and a level 10 rare is the same as level 6 or 7 epic. So why then are the Silverhand weapons equating to level 2 epics at level 1? At level 2 they are around epic level 3 (minus 80 vs a level 5 epic). This is widely out of balance - what do my fellow players think?

Level 1 legendary = L5 epic. L6 epic = L10 rare. The level 2 mage melee silverhand reward is the same dmg as her level 4 rare kris which is also melee (although with more zones)

Its unfortunate to continually hear players complain about these rewards.

I agree, considering the limited value of the Silverhand items, the cost of obtaining them is superfluous. In my circles it has generally been agreed most add-on are suitable only for collectors. These items are adored by many ‘collectors’ who have already leveled most of their items.

For those who do not collect there are other heroes/items available which are more suitable for current gaming purposes. The limited value of Jarlaxle and depleted quality of Silvertrash weapons is likely why Ludia decided to obscure information about them until after players spent resources and currency to acquire them.

In foreseeing this rort through observation of earlier game developments I wisely decided to preserve my resources for useful purposes.