Last 5 matches pretty much start and ended this way.

Don’t feel bad 42 matches for me on the first tier. 5 players 37 bots. Players are 3-5k higher power than me and bots are always at 13985 with me sitting at barey 12k…

Fair but how is this considered fun?! This is just stupid! Lol an exercise in futility, unless others are having better success? Perhaps the VIP players?

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@Tassthewarrior vip doesn’t make a difference. Mine runs out tomorrow won’t be renewing

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Don’t blame you. I noticed that this game has been regulated to “other” in the forum. Not even worth it”s own category!

When doing the SH trials do you check to see who is in your roster to use? Do you change their gear to do pvp better? I change to pvp gear and havent used a gem to complete the SH trials in about a year. I strive for 35 win streaks which i have achieved several times. If you get beaten by the bots, i don’t even know what to say.

I don’t care how dumb the bots are, when you get a bot team all 5 lvls up from your highest level character you get shellacked

There are very different experiences for higher and lower level players in event pvp. The bots in events are capped at level 18 (much weaker than regular arena bots). So once you level up enough to beat level 18 bots consistently, there is no challenge. But until then, it’s a meat grinder requiring lots of gems.