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Sim list

please we need a list of levels even if it is only sim at the moment.

Do you mean the tier list? We’re working on it :rofl:. And the Sims aren’t even 100% done as we are still verifying some things lol. This was a big update so please try and be patient with us :slightly_smiling_face:.


ok, I hope it’s done soon

I’m curious, will raid usefullness matter in tier list placement? Or are you going to make 2 separate (raid/arena) tier lists instead?

Of course I don’t demand anything. I know that already enormous amount of work would be doubled

That’s def something we are considering! We haven’t finalized how we will do it yet, but now that we’ve “settled in” a bit with the new update were hoping to get started soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


the only thing i’m hoping for is before 2.1

Me too! :rofl:

you are from gamepress ?? I always read all the articles. thank you

Yes I am. I write a lot of the articles. :slightly_smiling_face:


I always had that question but as Jessica says in gamepress and the hair color was different, I ended up convinced that it was not. hehehe

Lol I’m the same person. Piere87 is just my in game name so I keep that on here and in Discord.