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I tried a similar app called love-chat and my God it was atrocious but there was one character that I would kind of love to see on lovelink because this app is miles ahead of others when it comes to storytelling, anyway that character would be Lucifer - any thoughts?

Dating the Devil would make for a fascinating story. And his counterpart could be the She-Devil.

Oh I love the idea of She-Devil. Please Ludia make this happen???

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I’m pretty sure they just forced a bot to watch hours of rom coms then write scripts.

It’s so bad. Not even lost in translation bad.

Devil would be interesting. Maybe even throw some angels in there.

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Yes, I love the idea of Angels. I think they could make some amazing storylines with those ideas :smiley: so glad that I am not the only one.

And you are so right about the other sites being terrible. Honestly, I don’t even know how they manage to get the funding to make it come to fruition

Best alternative IMO is Swiit Crush but they routinely misname the female characters as him

I tried swiit crush and found that some of the conversations didn’t make sense in response to my answers. I ended up coming off it. Lovelink has been by far the more superior of the ones I have used

Granted it’s weird sometimes in translation but characters are engaging and oh man when it comes to the sexual scenes :flushed:


I wonder if Cain Angelus (i think that is his name) may be a devil character?

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I could see that. Ian Spier too

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I can see Cain being the devil, not so sure about Ian though - I guess we have to wait and have faith that lovelink won’t let us down

Ian, i think, will be something to do with speed. Motorcycle or race car

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I don’t know why but I had the impression of magic when I saw Ian lol