Simmer Down


This forum is soo negative for something that at the end of the day is a game. I played Jurassic World the game for over 3 years and spent a lot of time and no money on it. When this game came out I was also pumped and gave up on JW the game. We all put a lot of time and effort in it, but if you aren’t having fun… play something else. That is the beauty of capitalism.

Please simmer down on the negativity. They just announced these tournaments and that will be awesome. We just got like 3 free incubators for beating up on low level dinos… almost all the dinos are out there to catch in some capacity. Just have fun ya’ll!

yes… I hate getting stunned 3-4x ina row by stegoceratops… or having my cloak not work, but that is made up for when I have the RNG my way and I dodge three times and I get a crit to take down a dino with barely any life left…

JUST ENJOY IT! Again, not having fun… uninstall the game. Keep up with the suggestions, because they are listening, but also be patient.

love the ideas for new hybrids… like lets figure out what to fuse all of our Stigy Gen2 with!


This. This is a great post. Totally true


Yea I totally agree too. Every last one of us has won and lost because of luck based moves but so many feel it’s only them that it’s ever happened to.

I’m very frustrated with the reset stuff but at the same time I don’t really care. If they don’t deal with it they’ll kill their own game. If JWA dies life will go on :joy:


It’s not easy to enjoy games when they’re not fair for everyone. I get what you’re saying, but I think it’s wrong to pretend people shouldn’t be allowed to be mad about this situation. Especially the lack of communication or steps taken against cheaters.



totally agree. I’m disappointed in things too, but the game is way too much fun to get mad about those things. Also perspective.

If I paid money for stuff… ok I’d be really pissed, but I’d also be dealing with Ludia directly not on a forum.


I pay 10 bucks a month, and always buy my special offer because I respect the work they put into it. They shouldn’t not make money with all the hard work that goes into it.

However, I’m sorry. If I am supporting the game the way I can, following the TOS, not breaking rules or cheating my way through battles and getting insane teams this way, I should be able to expect everyone else being held to the same standards.

They could A. Make these players reset and do it fairly, B. Give everyone the same level dinos these top players have to make it fair C. At least do what they said they would which is make it a cheat free game.

Either way, the fun is sucked out no matter how fun it was before knowing it doesn’t really matter if you work hard to make progress. The items I work to get in a day? They get in 20 minutes tops. No fun. Not competitive. Might as well cheat to, putting no more money into it. It’s disappointing but I can find fun other ways too.


Bingo… last paragraph hits it on the head


Absolutely agree the amount of whining on the forum has stopped me coming here as much I lose loads of matches and I move on to the next match and hopefully win that one where others lose some games and immediately come here and cry cheater so yeah if you hate the game that much just uninstall it and move on


I agree with everyone here! Except the one that chose to take a great thread and idea to get on the soapbox once again! Give it a rest already! I come here for fun and to chat with other players and get good information! Stop beating the dead horse! Please!! What’s done is done and that is the way it is! All the threats and ranting won’t change anything!

Can we please get back to the way things were when the forum was a fun place to come to! I too btw have spent money on the game because it’s a fun game!

I stopped months ago obsessing over winning and loosing and I am allot happier now