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Simple, but meaningful details!


I like how this last update gave the game icon a winter theme :slight_smile:
These little details are mainly visual at times, but it counts for a lot, Ludia! Keep it up!
We all know how to make requests for changes and complaints, so it is only fair that we also praise them when any improvement is made!
The decoration on supply drops are a nice touch as well. Would be cool to have some snow on the map, but i understand that in a lot of places it is summer time, but it wouldnt hurt lol
Anyways, hope to see more visual improvements along with actual gameplay improvements too :slight_smile:
Cheers! image


Oh, no whine here? So this is the reason nobody put a post here :rofl:

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Right! :joy::joy: if i had complained about something there wouldve been so many replies hahah

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On Android it’s still the same logo :sob::sob:


@TheMothEater hope it changes soon! :sob:


no new logo for me lol can i whine?


Are you using an iphone? Because its still the same logo on my android Samsung galaxy.

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@Pateradactyl nope youre not allowed, with the amount of quality epic spawns you see daily, you cant whine :joy:

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@Isaac_Fogle yup! :slight_smile:


I also enjoy the little changes. Thank you, Ludia!

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Android users will have to make do with the snowy loading screen. :grin:

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Dam hot down here in Oz.