Simple question about renown


I’m currently at renown level 8 and it requires 13 level ups to get to level 9. Can anyone please tell me how many level ups it takes to get to level 10 and unlock the last hero? I want to see whether it is ‘grindable’ to get that last hero relatively quickly.
If it is, then i’ll grind for it and start doing some exploration nodes and dungeons once I get the final hero. This way he’ll also have more chance of receiving some useful items…
If not, I’ll do these exploration nodes and dungeons right away for the slightly better chests… (Right now I’ve just opened the third challenge)

Or what do you think is best?

Player level don’t matter for obtaining a new hero all you have to do is level hero 4 or 6 times depending on the requirements of the pack you will either unlock new hero or equipment pack click on your player level and scroll up to find out what you need to do to achieve that goal.

It was 6 level ups for me. Getting every character to level 9 unlocked renown 10 and the last character.