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Simple remedy for the boost exploitation issue

Here is a simple fix for this issue, quit putting them for purchase altogether. Make it earnable strictly. For instance, how you get 2 of each everytime you get a battle incubator. Let’s incorporate this measure to the mix. This will prevent exploitation because after 10 kills they would be forced to wait 19 hours for the next 10 kills for the battle incubator. It is fail proof and it will cause equal and slow distribution of the boosts. Simple as that. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. No more exploitation glitch because there would not be a backdoor for it.

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Yeah but money makes the world go around, so… no. They will sell them.

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They can make money off the VIPs and incubators then. They will still get their money this way. They keep selling boosts and not remedy the exploitation issue and people will cancel their VIPs. Loss of VIPs means loss in revenue. Already a lot of people are canceling their subscription.

Can we just do away with the boosts altogether? Someone some where will always find a way to get them. The game was doing so much better than it did once the boosts were introduced. Do they have too much pride to admit the boosts were a terrible idea. Someone needs to slap their hands, because they are bringing down the learning curve for all game developers worldwide.


Yeah this is the best way if they stay, I think a few of us have mentioned it. Earnable maybe a boost tower here and there along with daily incubator for battles. But they want to make money, understandable.

I would buy more incubators and scents if they started being less of a gamble. I’ll buy specific incubators and scents. Like a rare scent for tenonto park. I used so many scents in the parks the past few weeks for Tenon. I absolutely HATE when I use a rare scent in the park for 20 minutes to get a bunch of useless crap. Looking at that Quatzecoalus bird… hate that bird now.

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I agree by them not admitting that it was a failed attempt they are setting precedence and rendering expectations of the game rather low. It is simple economics. By them not listening to the demands of the community, they are causing a diminishing of demand for the game which will diminish the supply of the game substantially.

Why not remove all of then that would save the game

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Ludia here is a fix for all your problems regarding Jurassic World Alive…

…Dont be Ludia!

The simplest thing they can do at this stage is simply to roll back to Patch 1.6… And write off stat-modifiers (Boosts) as being the BAD IDEA that they are. Also sack the manager who even authorised such game-breaking changes to be implemented into a competitive battling game like this in the first place. The next development manager MUST HAVE actual competitive battling experience not just financial targets in mind.


I keep reading in these forums that more boosts were exploited yet again but i can’t find any main thread or article to support this.

Can someone link me to the article?

Ludia keeps messing up by “accident” allowing people to buy unlimited amounts of boost. A while back it was attack speed and for some others it was health and attack for a few lucky people it was both. So they rolled everything back and set a max number for people to buy and gave people money back. If people came to the forums, they knew it was not intended, and that is why it is considered an exploit.
So after the rollback, an option again came up to buy health and attack. It was supposed to be a limited supply, but people were still able to buy more.
The amount of effort to put into the game to level a creature from 24 on up, is rather long and complex. One boost in attack and one boost in speed. Is an equivalent to adding another level to a creature. Even at Tier 6,(64 boost burn rate) where you have to spend a bit of money, that is a bargain.
Many people have boosted their creatures to Tier 7 and above and are absolutely dominating everything and the match making system algorithm is somehow messed up by this.
At least the fixed the speed issue somewhat, by only allowing a limited purchase amount, but there might have been a chance, that was exploitable with a restart as well, and it was missed.