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Simple Review/suggestions for Naveli, Paladin

So many of us have acquired the first addition to the roster! The rest of us are probably wondering if she is/was worth it, my simple answer: no.

Save your money, save your gems, she only has one redeeming quality and its based on a rare to get legendary neckpiece item.

The Paladin does NOT operate like a traditional Paladin, she does not even have Lay on hands, the traditional Paladin ability! In fact she cannot even heal other party members, which is totally not a Paladin lifestyle.

The positive side is the neckpiece. It auto debuffs your opponents AND removes any negative effects on your own heroes, aoe entire screen. Cooldown is around 6-5 turns and decent for pvp, but u have a 1 in 8 chance of pulling her, and for her to function, she needs to be leveled and fully geared regardless.

The Paladin, oddly, is actually a DAMAGE DEALER rather than a tank, she can barely take a single hit, so at best she is an offtank with little use.

She can deal MASSIVE damage, when my attack procs, I generally can one shot any opposing character, or bring tanks down to less than 50% health from max.

All in all, she is a money sink. U need almost if not all the legendaries, and since she is new, need to level her up extensively to be competitive. My heroes are all lv14 ish now and she is lv13.

I use her for the fun of it, but strategically, she is not a good call for pvp or pve just yet.

She truly needs a rework and revist to her stats, abilities and lack of party healing. She is more Fighter like, while Tommus feels more Paladin like (regens, counters, massive utility).

The animations are cool, but unlike all other characters, using her lower rarity gear provides no unique strategic bonus with the exception of her Epic Sword (cleave 1 row). I still prefer her Legend Sword though.

Paladin (Just like Cleric) in my opinion should ALSO have a bonus against undead, and the ability to turn undead.

Well simple review. Cheers~~


Played her four times in PvP. I have won three. Only time I use the emojis is laugh after beating someone who spent money on her.

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First of all, I’m a big fan of paladin
so I played with her, Nayeli

I think she isn’t a good tanker because of lower stats
Paladin’ HD is 1d10 in D&D
but Nayeli’s HP is similar to Calliope(bard, 1d8) in this game

Obviously her legendary holy symbol, JUDGEMENT OF TYR is really cool but not necessary
without legendary, SIGN OF TYR(rare) is also a good alternative

I think she isn’t a good tank but good CC eater & supporter
so I’m honestly a little disappointed

sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

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Very useful feedback, I wholeheartedly agree, Naveli (Paladin) needs to be properly tankier and less squishy and have lay on hands, its the most well known paladin ability!

Nayeli is good in the right set up. Her rare boots give her Lay On Hands , that and a ring of vigor and she goes from zero to hero real quick . Yes and if she gets critically hit by someone, she does die, but if it doesn’t kill her pretty good chance she is fully healed at the beginning of her next turn. And she does insane damage when equipped with her epic weapon.

Her boots only self heal and never 100%, I was referring to Lay On Hands for party healing, but yes she can be a survivor, but not a solid heavy duty. If she has taunt up, its likely she is being hit 3-4 times before her next round for heals, meaning she is usually dead once exposed.