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Simple solutions to the Matchmaking / Trophy Problem

  1. Revert back to the pre-1.7 matchmaking and trophy reward scheme. This will allow a re-balancing of rankings based on actual team strengths. You’re primary opponents are at or near your trophy count/ranking.
  2. Do not allow players to drop arenas. Once you’ve achieved a new arena, that’s your new minimum trophy level.
  3. Add more arenas. (Aviary is too big right now)
  4. Award trophies for beating AI AND then make AI teams progressively more challenging as you move up the rankings.

How do you balance boosted dinosaurs with this?

Boosting is a separate issue, in my book. I’m going on the assumption that it’s here to stay - but at the very least, reverting back to the old match making will eventually sort teams by strongest to weakest thru using trophy level as the primary consideration

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I see #1 as the correct solution. I believe Ludia tried to placate too many different groups with the new MM system. You win, you advance, you lose you go down. Yes, those lower level boosted teams will be matched against much higher level teams, but skill level/dino strength will determine where they find their equilibrium in the system. I agree it will not be good or motivating to have level 30 teams way below level 24/25/26 level teams that are boosted more. Users who boosted more will be higher in Trophies, no matter how they acquired them.

I see it as the natural consequences of the Boost system: artificially strengthening Dino outside of the traditional leveling system. It is the new norm.


As long as tournaments and the Arena remain separate I’d be happy to go back to the old way.

Agree 100% with number 1.

2 would be ok, 3 would be great but is probably not high on the priority list and 4 I disagree with… it’s good enough to get the other rewards from bots.

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I like 1 and 3, but disagree with 2 and 4.
My issues with #2 are lack of control of which arena your in and most importantly, if you take a break in Aviary for a couple of months… You are 100% toast.
Permanent 0-3 without the ability to drop. This game frowns on inactivity in a bad way.

As for 4, players are supposed to be the challenge.
They’ve always struggled on making the AI smart and I’d rather them focus their efforts elsewhere. In too much of a hurry for PVP? Punch the AI right in the face and get your incubators to go.
Want trophies? Earn them in battle.


I’m just up into the Estates where I’m bouncing back and forth from the Ruins. I think it would be OK to drop one arena back but not any further. BUT I would like to be able to stay in the Estates for the 4 of each boosts.

I’d be happy with just #1, as well.

But i suspect that the reason they changed the system in the first place was to discourage droppers (too many low level players complaining about high level opponents in their arenas. That’s why i would be fine with #2.

#3 would be an easy addition. just some light coding and a new background.

#4 - just to add some challenge for the upper echelon, since they complain about not enough human opponents and AI are too easy.

The current system is horrible. Might as well not even have trophy counts and rankings, if there is no way to advance to a higher level. When i field my best team, i’m matched against opponents with hundreds of trophies more than me - if i win +30ish. if i lose -30ish.

Aviary should’ve never been reduced to 4500. Raise the standards for arenas back up to where they used to be would probably a help a little bit too

No. I like gaining 52 trophies!