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Simple Trophy / Tournament Solution / Favors More T9 Teams

Every tournament you see an average of ~1300 to be in the Top500
Every tournament to be at the top you need to average 2200+
The number of teams reaching T9, let alone T10, after 1 year has not increased significantly
There is an apparent bottleneck, intentional?
Lastly, no one likes to fall below their entry medals scores - leads to more rage quits after takedowns are done

Limited number of floating medals; those that battle in tournaments can add medals to the pool via losses. However, anyone that drops below their entry medals has a higher likelihood to discontinue with the tournament which then limits how many floating medals are introduced to the system. This leaves the remaining tournament players with a finite pool of floating medals to battle/shuffle around with. This will impact how much the team can accumulate in medals as a result.

You cannot lose medals below your entry level so locking down the entry medal as your lowest score you can have for tournaments will add in more floating medals to the system. No other changes are needed quite frankly.

Net result:
More medals are added to the pool from ALL players
Players may be less likely to rage quit if they do not dip below their entry medals
The system will have less stress and an increased capacity of medals
This will allow for wider ranges in medals on the leaderboard and increase the number of teams reaching the higher tier rewards at the end of the season

Sample of what adding medals to the pool can do when applied to a player who is in Aviary with starting entry medals of 700:

As you increase the floating medals available to the players in the tournament, the average score has the potential to increase because of the higher probability with more medals being added/available in the pool. Simply put, a floating pool of medals at 30% means the general population playing in the tournament would have an easier time reaching 1000 medals and Tier 9 rewards for the team.

Hope you consider the change!



Less rage is better for my phone!

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Unfortunately, I suspect that Ludia in fact does want to limit how high of scores players are able to get and how many alliances reach T9/T10 AC rewards. The change to 20/40 in tourneys to me is a clear indicator that they indeed want FEWER, not more, alliances to reach those tiers.


The more I play, the more I feel the hate from Ludia to veteran players. Again, we lost another great veteran player. He left the game because of this system, and he was a non-stop player.

This sounds perfect :grinning:
It would definately prevent the current frustration and rage quits happening.

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The current 40/20 system is not new. It’s just another bottleneck being introduced. As you perform better you are limited to climbing at a snails pace at the low end of medal gain while your losses will throw you back 2-3 RNG wins to return/continue your grind. The issue once again is with the amount of medals in the pool. Add more medals and you will get more teams at T9. Adding more bottlenecks will reduce the number of teams reaching T9 or above, resulting with less medals in the pool and more quitters.

If anyone wants to see validity of the bottlenecks this post pretty much sums it well in the current status:

Keep the 30/30 with a small adjust with locking down your lowest medals being your entry and this will introduce more medals to the pool


I dont think it was fair of Ludia to change the tournament rewards, mid tournament, people were looking forward to their t9’s and t10’s, certainly something needs doing, but it would of been fair to do it at reset not middle of the month - as for pvp ive gained 300 points :slight_smile:

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As stated it becomes more time consuming and a lot more frustrating for everyone, and the amount of players going from competitive to 10 kills is very apparent
Please listen to your player base


Yes that tourney tracking is excellent. It’s like they don’t want us to have the nice shiny things…

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Definitely a good proposition there. This method ensures that more people participate and get better rewards. The number of medals needed for each tier (including the individual reward tiers) should be revised as well to ensure more even reward distribution. Might also be good to implement something similar in the arena as it has the same kinds of problems.