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Simply Exhausting

But I am extremely dedicated, stubborn and resilient. Hopefully this gets corrected, really unfair to the Warriors of Waterdeep community!

These 50 steps tests of might for getting a random legendary (in my case, an armor, of course) are not fun. Please, Ludia, people have a family and a job (necessary to pay your vip pass and packs). Stop this madness and make events that can be completed in a reasonable time.

Kinda ironic actually. When I first started to play this game there was a time limit on how much you could play before they made you take a break. We complained until they changed that. Now you are only successful if you spend 23.5 hrs a day grinding :grin:. Gratz on the accomplishment… I do not posses what it takes to even bother trying :blush:

Congrats on completing it! I think the last time I really tried to complete one was when Tommus’s Silverhand weapon came out. Now, there’s so little return on my time/gem/emotional investment (because it’s absolutely frustrating to lose over and over and over!) that I don’t even bother with the free attempts.

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I’ve been playing for about three months. At first the battle events really weren’t that bad and I had, if not fun, at least some excitement and it seemed worthwhile.

Now three months later I don’t even bother with battle events unless I have a reduced cost spellbook. At least then I can play and not be stressed out about the host of losses to far superior opponents.

It doesn’t bode well for the longevity of this game if newer players avoid a major aspect of it due to frustration.


Just stop playing ToM. It’s aggravating and not a good return on invested time. The rest of the game is fun, so ignore the broken part until they fix it.

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I feel you pain, I dropped an armour too, second Legendary armour in a row as Heroic Adventure/ToM reward…

Bad legendaries are everywhere. I actually like Raid, but winning a Legendary armor today was pretty disappointing.

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TODAY, that’s impressive, we are at 28%…:hatched_chick: