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Since 1.5, who has left and who has entered your team?


The meta changes in 1.5 have been pretty significant to say the least. Many dinos got their long awaited buff, the formerly OP players got some nerfing … and new dinos were introduced.

Since then, how has your team Changed?
Who did you drop ?
Who have you added? (Or are about to add?)


I’m planning to drop monomimus (21)
Hoping to add a few more dinos with SIA.
May reintroduce I-rex to the team (that immunity does come in handy)

Dinos with attack and run are also beating me like crazy so it may be smart for me to stop growing utahsino and go the utarinex route.

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Your Utahsino is already at a high level…:+1:
Hence, the attack damage is good. It may have some advantage over the faster dinos with the IC move. Don’t you think so?
I’m facing the same dilemma - as to which route I should follow - Keep levelling up Utahsino or Utarinex.
Hit and run does not fit my personality though…:sweat_smile:


I dropped monomimus and put Stegoceratops back on. I put allosinus on and dropped pyrritator. I’m thinking of leveling dracoceratops and putting her on. SHE IS THE CUTEST!

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Dropped Monomimus and put Stegoceras too… And I’m leveling up a Suchotator to use

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Nothing changed personally. All the way up to 13th

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I had to drop my beloved nodopatotitan (:sob:) to get in postimetrodon, immunity is way too good now to leave him out (plus the regeneration is good too)


My team has not changed at all. I did level up SuchoTater for a strike event and put it on the team for a bit. But I am not a bleeder kinda guy, don’t finesse stuff. I go for brute force.

Running into a problem? Get a bigger hammer.


My team changes were as follows -

Out: Monomimus, Stegodeus, Indominus and Touramaloch
In: Spinotahsuchus, Suchatator, Tyrannolophosaur and Monostegotops.

The two extra nulls on my team from Monostegotops and Tyrannolophosaur has been a god send.

Little bit of info on Tyrannolophosaur: if you are facing a higher level Indom, so Lon as you open with your base nullify attack you will win every time so long as you next use DSR.
Don’t even need a crit to 2 shot Indominus!

My level 18 Tyrannolophosaur beat a level 21 or 22 Indom simply by doing -

  1. Indominus uses cloak and gets to go first despite being slower.
  2. Tyrannolophosaur uses nullify strike removing cloak.
  3. Tyrannolophosaur uses DSR and kills Indominus

Easy kill, no crits needed to 2 shot it lol.

I’m going to run the numbers later and see how many levels higher Indom needs to be to get a 2nd attack off.
But seeing as many Indom stopped leveling at 20 (or 21 to avoid mirror match) I think even a level 17 Tyrannolophosaur will win every time.

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Swapped Magna L23 for Erlidom L21
Stegodeus L28 for Tryo L26
Working very well so far :ok_hand:t2:


For the record these are the reasons I made the changes…

Monomimus: Removed because it didn’t dodge very often due to bad luck with RNG as well as the big HP nerf.
Stegodeus: Removed because I hate using it on top of the fact it lost armour piercing attack and inability to cleanse the now common bleeds.
I actually stopped leveling Stegodeus nearly 2 months ago because I didn’t like it, so the 1.5 changes gave me the much needed push to finally ditch it.
It still is a good dinosaur, just not a must have anymore!
Indominus: Removed because cloak dodge failed so often, and it’s so easily countered with all the nulls and shields and swap in Invincibility and such.
Touramoloch: Removed due to low damage and generally being one of the worst Uniques in the game.

As you can see from the above info, I have been trying to DeRNG my team as much as I can by losing 2 of my 3 dodgers, so I don’t have to pray for a dodge as often anymore…only on Indoraptor!

However my team is now highly susceptible to bleeds after losing two immune dinosaurs in Indominus and Monomimus. Now with only Tryo as an immune.

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Oh and one other change was sadly losing Gorgosuchus after having it for so long, since I was a fairly new player. Removed it because I need to save all the Kapro for Spinotahsuchus now.


I finally ditched Stegodeus (level 20) for Spinotasuchus (lvl 20). Everything else is unchanged

  • Monomimus lvl 20
  • Indominus rex lvl 20
  • Pyrritator lvl 20
  • Indoraptor lvl 21
  • Rajakylosaurus lvl 20
  • Tyrannosaurus rex lvl 20
  • Touramoloch lvl 21

As much as it breaks my heart, I’ll ditch Rexy for her direct upgrade, Tyrannolophosaurus pretty soon, though. And will ditch Monomimus for either Monostegotops or Magnapyrritor once I can finally upgrade / unlock those.

Now, what I don’t know yet is that where can I squeeze in Diorajasaurus once I unlock that… :thinking:

Probably in the place of Rajakylosaurus, since he seems to be my weakest link, along with Rexy (sorry girl :pensive:).

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Indoraptor and Toura level 20? Think you got jipped mate lol


Damn, typo. I’ll fix it, upsie daisy

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Yeah swap out Rajakylo for it’s unique, good to have a counter attacker on the team for those sneaky wins lol


Yeah, I was thinking that, because, other than using it to facetank Indominus, I mainly use Raj for the sneaky takedown. And the discount Godzilla is much better at that, given the swap in ferocity.

It’s a damn shame though, I really love the design of Raj. Oh well.


Yeah I used to have level 20 Rajakylo on my team but had to lose it for something that hits harder.

I’m currently at 100/250 for Dio but haven’t been seeing any Raj for a long time. Got like 500 or 600 Anky though.


my monominus is lvl 26 so it’s good enough to stay.

i dropped 25 gorgosuchus since it’s usefulness is situation specific. too many stunning/deceleration dinos
plus dios shattering counter-attack gave me another shattering dino
added spinotasuchus

that’s pretty much it


Created green chicken to replace pyrritator. Otherwise no changes until Utarinex is made for indom.