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Since a level 10 lion can be used to win a Morty Raid, min level req really need to be implemented on raids

Apex raids should require a player level of 20 to join or host. You have to have a certain player level to FIP certain dinos in the sancs so why shouldn’t the same be applied to Raids. They say it’s because the player at lower level can’t handle the aggressiveness of the Dino to FIP it in sancs so why can that same player who can’t FIP a pachy can bring a level 10 marsupial lion to a Morty raid and beat it. People are going to be unlocking Apex dinos before they are the level to add boosts to them. They have a handful of epics and the legendaries unlocked from raids and that’s all they need to get on a team who simply need a fourth with a level 15 irrit or 16 skoola.
Imo raids should be much tougher already, gorgo is the first tough raid we’ve had and it’s still not that hard. But there should be a min player level on every raid along with min dino levels such as these minimums (PL = player level and DL = dino level)
Apex PL-20. DL-22
Unique PL-17. DL-18
Legendary PL-14. DL-12
Epic PL -10. DL-8

I understand carrying a lower ranking member of your top tier alliance through an apex but I’m seeing more and more on FB groups, people at player level 10, 11, 12 with a team of 11-15’s joining apex raids and getting wins.
What’s everyone’s opinions on this?


that lv 10 lion strat, what are the lv and boost requirements of the other 3 creatures? just because one creature can be low level in the raid doesn’t mean its easy for every low level player to continuously beat said raid.

it’s a lot of work every week to get “carried” through apex raids with the minimum required stuff. even harder to find a group who’s willing to continuously “carry” someone like that. 10-20 weeks. if someone’s able to do that, then i’d say they’ve earned it through sheer determination and drive. A team can lv a lot in 10-20 weeks.

tho maybe we should be cutting down on apexes below certain arenas if it’s going to blow up into a huge issue. but at what cut off point idk.


I’m level 20 and my best raid dino is. 22 which can be level to 23 tryo. Sure there needs to be a minimum, but not by level, by arena. Maybe library, I’m only in aviary. Although if I only focused my gold and dime on my tryo for 10 to 20 weeks, then my tryo would prob be like level 25, that’s how long it takes to get an apex

Ive been looking over the fb JWA groups more and more and there are players who get carried every week mostly because 3 other players who aren’t in the same alliance are needing a fourth before they lose the lobby or have to go and because they are in alliances with 1/4-1/3 inactive players they can’t rely on the help so they go to the raids forums and of course there’s always a player with a low level irrit or lion or thyla or skoola ready to jump in. And going from a team of epics and rares and having an spex unlocked in 2 1/2 - 5 months still shouldn’t be attainable. Ultimately what they should do is make the raids harder and no longer mechanical. I just press a button and watch tv and make sure to look every minute or so to press the next button in the strat. They should eliminate that by adding more variables. And that would be very easy if they went ahead and made an array of 8-10 minions that on the beginning of every round, was RNG generated which two of the array of 8-10 came out. Could be two of the same, you might get all different ones on each round. But that would make raids back to how they were in the beginning where we had to improvise and figure out what works. Communication (though I do recognize that it would be super helpful if ludia gave us at least a raid lobby chat instead of using discord to cover their bottoms.) would be necessary. Think sbout when the indom Rex raid finally was released, within an hour a strat was made as a foolproof way to beat it without taking any damage, and what’s the point of trying to figure out any other way of doing it, it’s just mechanical and repetitive. Other than trebex, I don’t pay attention to raids anymore unless our alliance raid captain wants help to verify or discuss a new strat. I personally enjoy two manning epics and seeing what works or three manning without damage taken. But how many just love on and go through the mechanical routine of following a premade strat and then logging off. Alex’s should be hard for the average player to unlock and obtain or it devalues all the hard work players have done for two and a half to three years because someone who’s been playing for 3-4 months can already have a apex unlocked.


If you want the link to the FB groups I mentioned, please send me a dm and I’ll send those to you so you can check them out. They are in theory a great idea but only if raids are structured and regulated. I don’t get why a player can’t FIP a pachy in the sanctuary until they are level 20 but can join an apex raid at level 8 or 9?

but you cant figure out what works if it’s RNG dependent on minions. RNG on moves can be worked around, but not whole new creatures and stats.

and those players are using the resources at their disposal to be able to participate ad acquire highly sought after creatures. They are putting in effort to get them and should be rewarded with obtaining those creatures. but being able to use them in such low arenas should probably not be allowed.

i think of it the same as interacting with creatures in the sanctuary like pachy. so for apex you need to be either A.) be a certain level to use said creature, B.) reach X arena to prove yourself masterful enough to command it, or C) a combo of both. but i don’t think keeping people out who are willing to help, but are low level is the right way to go about regulating it.

Think, that minimum isn’t needed. Apex dinos lvls need to be adjusted to appropriate lvls. There is data for all creatures from lvl 1 to 30. So lvls could be adjusted, like for raids.

Everyone that have right creatures and team, should be able to raid Apex creatures. Though, can’t be used in lower arenas at 26. That would unbalance lower arenas. So just adjust lvl to appropriate lvl for certain arena.

this also works, but would require restructuring the arena as a whole.

No, but I can see why you think that

No game I’ve played has ever been against carries. I don’t see why this game should either. And with the bad matchmaking, ya may as well get a strong creature early on anyway. Besides, if we do this then championships also need to be reworked.


That’s an interesting take on it that has been brought up yet. That’s a pretty good idea. And one I’ll bring up to the AC rep

I can agree with this, as there is still restrictions for using apex and unique in lower levels. But to go along with the original narrative of the game, one has to reach level 45 in campaign to even do raids, why. Not increase the levels per rarity raid, 50 for legendaries, 55 for uniques and 60 for apex’s. You have to reach certain player levels to FIP Certain creatures in the sanctuary because they are “dangerous and aggressive” yet unique and Apex raid creatures would be considered “dangerous and aggressive” so to go with the narrative of the game wouldnt that make the most sense. And I’m not closed off to opinions on this, I like the generation of ideas being created, because it branches out past my initial reactive thoughts on it, so I’m not knocking anyone’s ideas here, they are all good so far and I really think more of a discussion needs to be talked about and a general consensus as to what would be appropriate for this situation so that the devs can review this info and use it to influence or not influence their future decisions.

You basically said why they should be allowed. Sure enough, there’s a few strategy that have been designed to help low players, but most strategy simply need need a booster in all of them (you’ll find Tryo or Irrit or something else in most of them,). Now, let say there would be a Unique that would boost your team. It would simply make it harder to find a fourth player for your raid. Let say you need to be X level to join an Apex raid, it would also make it harder to find 4 players. And even worst, as you suggested (ouch), if they needed to be lvl 20 to HOST, then even 4 high level players could often not be able to do the raids because often, they NEED to get a lobby from a lower player who simply leave as soon as one player gets in.

So, you basically want to remove an awesome way to get lower players involved in an alliance. In ours, they will gladly always be available to pass a lobby (even if they’ve done the raid already). They will stick around and fill that fourth spot many time with their lower dino if needed. And from then on, they will be active in missions, tourney, etc. And sure enough, when it’s time to do an epic raid, they will always be around to fill a spot many times, helping 3 other players to make it quickly. It’s definitively a great way to keep an alliance together.

sorry dont agree if someone has the brains and time to come up with a strategy using lower level dinos all the power to them i love these gets me awway from the toruo tryo tento thor blah grind :stuck_out_tongue:

but it’s only a few high level players coming up with those strats for low level dinos, and then everyone else just following the strats. These lower level players aren’t the ones coming up with the strats, they are usually coming from some of the top 50 alliances in the game. I know my alliance comes up with several each week, I came up with 2 earlier today (not low level dinos) and also helped to verify 3 others that another alliance member came up with, a few nice ones for Stygi, which by the way a para lux makes that so easy, a para lux and a paramo can really make it a breeze.

I thank you for your input, especially as it is constructive and working towards an open discussion regarding this subject. I’m not completely against it, I just think that they should still have at the very least minimum dino level requirements, since it goes with the narrative of the game. Perhaps beating certain levels in the campaign, epics beat level 44, legendaries beat 49, uniques must beat 54 and apex must beat 59. That doesn’t seem to unreasonable.

My problem with something like that is: If your alliance has an opening, and two players have asked to join. One is already high level enough to do Apex, the other one not… Which one do you take… Currently, in the very rare instance when we have an opening in our alliance, we take anybody and usual get a very low level player. We don’t care as we will help them grow and we expect them to do help us in return… They cannot do the tournament, but it doesn’t take long before they can. There’s already tons of alliances that are asking ONLY for high level players when they have an opening, and now, you’re giving them another extra reason to do so. On top of that, it’s much harder to motivate lower players to stay in the game. And no matter what, eventually high level players will quit the game. Basically, anything that make it harder for new players to enjoy the game lower the survability of this game.And there’s nothing worst than applying to 30 alliances and being refused because you don’t meet their requirements…