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Since battling has been completely ruined, is there a point to the game at all anymore?

Really, since dino levels don’t matter, and boosts are the only important thing, is there a point anymore?

In the beginning -

Hunt dinos - collect DNA - level dinos - progress in arena - fuse hybrids - level hybrids - progress in arena - refine battle knowledge - progress in arena - hunt more dinos - level new dinos - progress in arena… etc…

Now -

Buy boosts - apply them all to two or three dinos - tear through arena - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts - buy more boosts.

My playing time has all but stopped.

Anyone else over it? Is there a point to it these days that I’m missing? Is this just a game for new people and once you hit a certain point you’re just done?


I hate arena battles and the dbi mission. HOWEVER, battling itself is still quite fun. I’m talking about strike events, the campaign, friendlies, and weekend skill tourneys minus speed-ties. So to answer your question my friend, yes. There is still a point to the game. And this isn’t even counting exploration and the like.

Would the game be better if arena was better/less of a chore? Abso- flipping-lutely. But as of now, some of us just find our own way to play this stupid/incredible/meh game. As Dr Ian Malcolm once said, “Life finds a way”.

This is all but my humble opinion good sir/madam :slight_smile:


The dinos are the one keeping me in the game, they are rendered quite nicely. I think the ship has sailed when it comes to battling. So I’ll just keep the good memories of the preboost era and count myself lucky enough to have experienced it :slight_smile:


If you are not willing to put loads of money into buying boosts the arena can suck.

On my main account which I’ve had since I started playing way back in June ‘18 I still sit at 51** as I haven’t spent any money since boosts were introduced. Unfortunately for me I used the boosts I earned and the ones I obtained with the cash from doing tapjoy games so I’ve always been in the ‘boosted’ player algorithm. If I had known then what I know now I would never have used any as I was stuck in Aviary for the best part of nine months!

I’m not the most tactically aware player by a long way, but when I started a new secondary account a few months ago, I decided not to use any boosts. That one has just hit 4000 at level12 and the arena has been great fun. Just like the old days, and although I get outsped all the time now, I’m still having fun on that account. I may have to use boosts to stay competitive though, and then starts the slippery slope…


Haven’t totally given up on battling. I still find it somewhat enjoyable. But my main focus is trying to complete my dino dex and then getting them to a specified level so i have a large number of dinos i can play with. (lv 20- 22 for me). I have some boosted dinos, but i may bite the bullet and unboost them. Not sure yet.

I’m actually not having any issues with the arena, other than speed boosts rendering certain speed tiers useless without boosting them.
I do faced way overlevelled and overboosted monsters now and then, but some of the high level commons in Aviary are keeping things fresh.

My biggest annoyance is connection issues, by far.

Unboosted btw, with a team of all 20s and 21s for balance, DBIs usually only take around 4-6 battles.

The arena was more enjoyable without boosts, but they haven’t ruined it so much for me that it’s no longer any fun.

I’ve noticed “patterns” in the game when it comes to arena. One day I’ll get my weakest member in 90% of battles, others I’ll get my strongest* in 90% of battles. I’ve been using that pattern and I’ve actually been able to go higher than I have ever been lately.

Other than that, I’m aiming to complete the dinodex, probably my main reason for playing.

*not overboosted, but still the strongest nevertheless.

I have pretty much given up on the arena at this point @Tuco . I did have some fun when I dropped down a couple of levels and played with some lower level, different dinos in Lockwood. I also have fun with the strike towers still. Always love seeing @Pepito_Aie’s videos on those and trying something new.

But yeah, the regular battle arena thing? Over it since daily boosting became a thing. I have only done a couple battles at all this week. Even then it can be hard to find an opponent at times. Funny thing is I don’t think Ludia really cares all that much, as long as the whales are spending the cash.

And overall? I probably play the game about 25% of what I used to. Just feels like a very different game now.

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Arena is stressful but I enjoy other aspects of the game.

I actually made a point a long time ago in a thread that the game was fun when seeing something new or very rare. My GF and I would turn the car around and drive up a side road because we saw a new epic or something hard to find. These days you’re spoon fed all the DNA you need and it has really become something less than it was. I still play but there’s no joy in it anymore, the lights are fading


The arena fun fizzled out after boosts 1.0 pretty quickly, but I managed to hang in there. What @Creative_Screen_name said is spot on regarding dna. My job moved so I’m riding the train approx 45 miles each way. I go through all 4 zones at least once. In 3 weeks I have only found one Argentino, three Dimes, one Quetz and the random other meta relevant dinos here and there. It couldn’t be more obvious what is happening. We are all still here and I’m sure we are all hopeful things will improve.


I went ahead and unboosted and now I somewhat enjoy getting underdog wins against crutches, lol


You get out of it what you put into it. Does climbing the Arena mean that much to you? If not, then don’t worry. Do what some of us already do which is collect the dinosaurs and level them up. I play the Arena with my theme teams for the daily battle incubators and to help my Alliance. It isn’t the be all and end all for me. I much prefer to go out and collect the dinosaurs.

To me, it still is this… up to a point. If you don’t boost (and that is fine) there is a point you can get to without them. As long as you are happy getting to that point, it’s fun and fine. In my opinion at least.


The battles are definitely not fun and extremely poorly matched so that no matter how much you improve your roster, they won’t allow you to increase trophy count. I’m about to quit the game entirely. Is there anyway to complain to the programmers? They are super sucking at their job and although airing out grievances here is fine, no one at Ludia monitors or cares. Someone should know they are going to lose gamers if they don’t clean up their act


When my incs are filled and I’m done with the arena I’ve always been able to fall back on hunting. With the new dinos unhuntable I’m watching Benson season 2 while the incubators cook. I’m really hoping 1.12 isn’t all exclusive DNA.


@Tuco Levels still matter. I’m still using unboosted team around 5200 trophies. Can beat most evenly boosted teams and some overboosted monsters too. Only side effect is, that I’m limited to use certain dinos to stay competitive.

This exclusive dna nonsense ruin hunting. Would be way better to make all new creatures available wild.


Yeah i never truly understood why an ar game about going out and hunt had so many things that you cant actually go out and hunt.

And if im gonna be completely honest. I enjoyed the ar portion of the game way more during 1.4. Yeah weve had some quality of life improvements since then. But back then hunting was way more random and fun. 1.5 spawn mechanics actually share equal footing with boosts 2.0 as my least favorite change to the game.


I can’t remember how long ago, but I have said before that 1.4 was the best iteration of the game in my book.


Gimme 1.4 spawns and 1.5 arena minus dg2 and i would be happy… 1.4 the tank meta was still going strong and that wasnt my favorite meta.


Depends what you enjoy in the game, if its solely competitive PVP then I think that’s well and truely over, cant have balance and boosts.

If you are a collector or hunter or like strike towers and the new campaign thing things might be ok.

Fun is where you find it.