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Since guild raid events initiated

Zero players have requested to join. Any thoughts or have others noticed this too?

Why is it so hard to move % up in guild raids? Is it a whole guild thing rather than individual members?

Yes. Each room cleared by each member of guild goes towards the total number of rooms to clear.

Yeah @Glenn_Anderson. You basically need to be in one of the higher ranked guilds to finish a boss raid, or do like 800 rooms yourself (it won’t be pretty, but it can be done If you’ve got the right team and are decently high:) I’ve heard often from new members that their old guild just wasn’t interested enough and so too few players contributed to the guild rally. A higher ranked guild tends to have more higher level and active players, thus making the group effort easier. By my estimation, I think like somewhere around the top 20ish guilds finished. I think basically a half dozen of our guild last time got over excited and finished the required number of rooms in half a day. The other members still got to do as many rooms as they liked and kept us in the top spot for the raid.

This boss is much easier than the last, so it is more possible for more players to grind rooms. Granted, I recognize many will still have trouble. Just saying this boss is easier than the last boss.

Best of luck. Happy gaming!

Thanks CPXZ - makes it clearer.

A little statistics. I was a one person guild it took twenty rooms to get to 1%. If you do the math it will take 2000 rooms to get to 100%. That long would take some incredible dedication for one person.

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Beyond crazy that would be🤡

We have a guy that currently has 750 rooms done in this Raid and still has a few keys left for a final push lol

High lvl or an insomniac, perhaps both :slight_smile:

this raid is great for xp grinding. 100xp per room cleared. Depending on the group I take I have cleared it in less than 20 seconds. Even if you take a full minute per clear thats still 6k an hour which I am not sure you can even make that much with an xp book let alone if you can clear even faster. if you are someone who has most the gear you need and are just trying to get all of your guys to 20 this would be the time to do it. I know i did some grinding with my B team to lvl them up some.


Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer in my earlier post. I threw out 800 rooms more as a you’ve got to do a lot of rooms yourself to make up for most of your guild not being interested. Not that 800 rooms was specifically the magic number. My fault for not explaining that.

To give some better insight in what it takes to complete raids. For the last Raid with the mind flayer boss, the magic number of rooms was roughly 1800, give or take. I did the math here: Raid dynamics, your thoughts?

I can’t access the guild leaderboard page this raid, but adding up individual member room counts for this Sharpstone Boss Raid, I get 3,263 total rooms for 181% completion. That equals about 1,802 rooms to finish 100%. So this raid looks like it takes roughly 1,800 rooms.

Top member in my guild last raid did 610 rooms himself, but only played raid last than half the days. Top spot this raid is currently 454 rooms, again with lots of pvp from Jarlaxe and various test of mights, was only playing raid the first few days and was using his worst, much slower team to grind XP. If that guy was using his best team and grinding Raid all his playtime, he’d probably would be able to finish all 1,800 rooms himself, but wouldn’t like what it took to get there :nauseated_face: He’s by no means the “best“ player in the guild. Just a heavy grinder.

Understandably, different people have different teams and different ease of completing rooms and I’m speaking from the perspective of the top guild. So I’m not saying this applies to everyone. Just wanted to give some raid insight and data from the perspective of the Raiders of Ravenloft guild.

Hope this info helps others. Happy gaming :grinning:

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