Since I’m bored

Since I’m bored and can’t speed anything up because of a lack of planning, I thought I’d post a few topics for discussion.

How does everyone else set up their dragons? I’ve made ‘Cavern Crasher Island’ (below)

And what I call ‘Longwood Island’


As you can tell, I’m a big fan of those bonfires


I’m like that too. I try to bunch them. I’ve got my sweet deaths together. Love my grapple island. Few more fun spots:

These are the triple strykes, alpha shadows, and razorwhips:

Grapple island

Bunched my threadtails withe prickleboggles, skrills and windstrikers. Some zipplebacks there too:

Night terrors and smoke breaths with some larger one:

Silkspanners with a few others:

Sweet deaths and crashers:

Seashockers on the left, scauldrons on the bottom, quakens and thunderclaws up top:


Ripwreckers and a thunderdrum:

And the main spot:

I also have thunderpedes bunched by the purple death.


On my old game (I hopefully get back soon) I had a skill island, one for the champion dragons and all my wood/fish/iron collectors on one or two islands.


I’m just a beginner and so I still can’t figure out what and why. Thank you for this thread, it will be useful for all beginners. Definitely, if I open some of my life hacks, I will share them in the forum as well. That’s cool


Now that I got my old game back, I decided to move some dragons.

(Hope it works with the screenshots)

So here you can see the main island with most of my collectors for fish and wood. I know not every of these dragons is a good collector, but I really like them and they are relatively high leveld. You can see a triple strike spot there. So, now before I upload the other pictures I first want to make sure, it works with this one.


OK since it worked, here is the rest…

Here you can see a little bit of a skrill island, but all these dragons have in common, that they are all named after (favorite) characters from movies etc. Up there are two dragons I train from time to time but not regularly. The right island is my statue island.

Kind of a stormcutter island there, champions and premium dragons and dragons I like.

The first picture shows some dragons I need to level up to 112 for upgrading berk. The second picture shows the two dragons I need to level up to 100 for a quest and I still had one place so I decided to put the whispering death there.

And the rest is full of buildings.

So that is my Berk for now. Maybe I change it sometimes again.