Since it seem people don’t want a nerf

Tell me then what are counters for Ardentismaxima and Geminititan.
( besides the obvious of alloraptor, trykosaurus, marsupial lion and grypolyth)

Just wanna know

Marsupial lion.


Another maxima!
But anything that takes the majority of its health away is good. Like Thor. You don’t need to win the 1v1.
Then Thor dies, and you can finish it off with the basic attack of anything that is fast. Then you have the 2nd attack ready for the next dino, taking it out easily.


Lol actually I tried that in friendly it’s not a full counter maximas armor helps against the counter attacks and now with definite marsupial can’t people if need be

image image
Lol I can totally revenge kill this

Did you instant the maxima when its shield was up? :slight_smile: That’s always a gamble.
A maxima cannot oneshot a Thor, so it should be able to land 2 hits. That nearly kills it.

No but it can two shot and while Thor may have high attack it’s not gonna do much against 5,700 even then it’s gonna be slower and ok that charge does that extra damage but it’s like barely at all

Also can only land one hit before it dies two if you use instant but again can’t do much or worse they predict go for II and bam that thing has 3,180 hp left

Not a full counter, but you only need to have either prowl evade once (them going definite strike on that also works), or have one of it’s two big hits crit. I’d say it’s roughly a 90% counter.

I mean it was 85% before definite so guess it went down

Geminititan: what if I said I have a distraction

It would probably be about the same. Maybe a bit lower. But who is going to prowl first turn and what maxima doesnt go for its highest damaging attack?

And you said maxie counters, not Gemini.

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Lol a clever girl

When Maxima crits, which is often, you have less chance to survive. So be it, RNG is against you that match. In other cases it doesn’t and you might be fairing better.
My barely boosted Thor does 3k non crit dmg on first turn so that’s a good chunk. If it can get the rampage out then the maxima doesn’t stand a chance.
Anyway, 2300 health left on a maxima means it’s dead meat. I can hit that with rinex, magna or indo on first turn.


I mean armor stops it form being killed meaning …DECELERATING IMPACT!

Maxima is fine, but Gemini needs a nerf. Why the heck does it have immunity?

Lol, that 10%? That’s nothing.

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maxie has 15%, but yeah.

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Lol you think but look you said it be at 2,300 right…

Rinex: 2,325 –> 1,976

Magana 2,100—> 1785

Indoraptor 2130—-> 1,810

It survived because if it’s armor lol so you know what that means DECELERATING IMPACT ALL THE WAY!

You need to level up your creatures lol.
How boosted was the hp of that maxima anyway?

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