Since it seem people don’t want a nerf

The problem is even then magana can’t kill it even as a revenge kill hit one hit.

Same with erlidom since as long as maxima doesn’t use II it has leverage

And for Thor ya it could maybe depends on health but like this is talking base lvl like at @Stiffeno said:

Ya see mate it doesn’t matter when your opponents maxima has 10k hp

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Exactly it’s usually only dies by Dino 2

And you can use the swap in play cause that just mean even more of you’re team is gonna be weakned

That is a boost problem, though.

I dunno. I barely ever have issues with Maxima unless I roll an abysmal hand for them because they’re so easy to set up on.

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I think that honestly the problem people are like well I don’t have a problem (not saying you I mean other) so that must mean it’s not broken

Take entelomoth and indo gen2 in tournaments

I can say well I think these two are fine I use them and they get killed what I don’t say it’s after I destroy there first Dino and left there second in little to no hp. I mean I like them but I can clearly tell who has the advantage in a fight between moth and ardont for example or indo vs tarkus or indo vs mammoth

Apply that to a maxima user they don’t see a problem meanwhile there opponent is struggling to find ways to counter it

Plus if we could choose hands and crits were less rng sure it’s not a problem but that fact that it takes one crit and it can kill any chomper with more than enough health to keep fighting is the problem

Also just gonna leave this here

Cough cough- maxima, Gemini, cough cough

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A quick scroll through didn’t show two other answers.

You might hate hearing this but… Miragaia.
Purutaurus, works wonders too if the Maxima isn’t speed boosted.

Miragina will be slowed or it shields broken, then killed turn two

Purutaurus like carnotarkus get taken out easily with strike plus rampage

So ya sorry those don’t work

I’m using a Miragaia in the Lockwood Library. I wasn’t guessing.

No it’s not a uber death-gaia either. She only has 5 health, 5 attack and zero speed.

Round 1 shield attack, Round 2 Regen, Round 3 They swap or lose Maxima.

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Lol fr tho
image image

Maxima: uses strike them slow the rampage: no shields

Miragaia: 3,000

Maxima: 5,700

Turn 2
Miragina: 1,700

Maxima: 3,203

Turn 3
Miragina: 2,050

Maxima: 1,853

Turn 4:
Miragaia: -550

Maxima: 1,853

So miragaia will always lose, and that not including instant invincibility or crits

Also definite strike plus defense shattering rampage = 3,900

Guess what

They used Strike on round 1. Wow, believe it not no one tends to do that when I get my match up. Maybe they get arrogant seeing a common.

If I see that happen I’ll expect them to be saving their rampage and change the little simulation by not regening on round 2. So far my girl always beats the maxima.

Yes through the power of boosts anything can beat anything else

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Well I mean what person would use impact on something with shields?

A lot of people actually.


The same people that try to distract Procera in the tournament or have their Thor try swapping out on a Puru.

Low attention span, can’t read quick, ect… Believe me it happens very frequently when you use “weird” Dinos.

Lol honestly I belive since a lot of people would go Decelerating impact on my indo gen2 in the tournament instead strike it that just means a sweet, sweet, sweet ardont carcasses for my indo gen 2

I cant begin to count the people who tired to acute stun smilonemys after it got immune to stun. And that’s after a week or two.

Edit: I meant smiloceph. (Their names are similar)