Since it seem people don’t want a nerf

No at all only speed and what seemed like 2 attack boost the rest went into his pro rat one shotted my erlidom

Never underestimate 15% armor; it can either save your life or screw you over

Never underestimate my Rinex > : )

Lol never underestimate a 10,000 hp maxima :joy::rofl:

But then it becomes a boost issue and not a maxima issue.
You gotta look at the creature compared to another creature the same level, unboosted.


Lol ya I have and it still broken; mostly ist attack I have no problem with it’s kit the problem with maxima is it’s attack is too high that no chomper can counter it not even indom gen2, nor gen1, tryko need luck to be on its side; we have established Thor and tenotorex are basically kibble, trex can do much, dioraj can’t, thanks to definite tarkus and purra only get in counter in.

So ya not boost isssue and it’s not like it need that high of attack the problem with it is it tries to be this


Instead of being this

Have you even noticed no one compulsions about ardont, now why do you think that is…

tick tick tick tick tick tock


It’s perfect good against what it need to be but chompers like allosino, indom (if no shields are used), indom gen2, entelomoth, mammoterium, trysornix, alloraptor, even tanks like tarkus, sugina, and even indo can beat it; it just has counters. lol so your not realying on the hope of getting one of them you have many choices to choose from

I understand why people don’t want Gemini nerf. It’s still very rarely seen in arena.


Lol expect that to change very soon

Plus with the Barry rewards ending soon ( thank Keanu reeves) dipppy might be the reward so there could be a new huge influx of Gemini

Then there is this weekend and last two three I think weeks of alliance have been koolaid gen2 and the previous tournament reward was arambourgian so people are starting to get ready to either fuse, unlock or lvl it up

Geminititan normally beats Smaxima (even when Smaxima is at higher level).
Erlidominus can trick both Gemini and Smaxima into digging their own graves. Sometimes Erlikospyx can do that too.
A faster Carnotarkus might do some major damage to Smaxima or even kill it if it crits.

Though I prefer to make use of 2 of my creatures while saving the first. So I could use Erlidom, rampage, then swap out into either Carnotarkus or Kapro. Normally Smaxima and Gemini aren’t posing much of a threat to my team since it has a great synergy most of the time. Unless I get a full hand of tanks, in which case … crap.

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diplodocus was already a daily. so it probably wont be her.

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I mean we never know right there is hope! And sadly if it true we’re screwed

Idk what you’re talking about. I would love more dippy to level gemini. :wink:
but as she stands, she is a bit OP. And that’s coming from someone using a base lvl non boosted one.

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Ah yes use the op to defeat the op

I can believe you can do that on maxima if you Ike it right ( although that maxima better be low) but Gemini now has definite shield advantage and null strike so going for cloak kinda useless especially since it’s slower

Sadly it will do like one counter before dying.
Definite strike + DSR does exactly 3,900

Lol if that coming from someone using a base low lvl one then imagine facing a high lvl one or a boosted one that what I mean by we’re screwed :joy::rofl:

I forgot who but I remember someone posted a that there lvl 21 Gemini beat a boosted lvl 24 maxima in a screen shot from arena

wasn’t me. Haven’t had gemini long enough to see a lv 24 maxie with it.

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