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Since it seems Ludia are running out of ideas, here’s some new Fierce stuff (Poll at the end)

First it was Allo G2, now it’s Acrocanthosaurus (which is basically Allo G2 G2). Just slapping a cleansing move on a chomper isn’t a good idea, since it messes with the typecast and doesn’t actually help with dealing with the creatures that it’s supposed to counter.

If you take a look at Keratoporcus, Thoradolosaur, Entelomoth, Allosino, Tyrannolophosaur there’s not much variety in the fierce moves and abilities they have, which is a pity. It’s like Ludia’s forgetting about other options like Rend entirely, which is a pity because Rend is sooooo good in raids right now, but there just aren’t any creatures that can properly exploit it, apart from Thylacotator.

Then there’s DoT, which also always gets the short end of the stick. It’s just Lethal Wound and Minor Swoop, everywhere. There’s so much potential there, and it’s just being ignored.

So here’s a couple of ideas:

1)Devouring Impact: Destroy shields, deal 1.5x armour-piercing damage. Heal 0.75x. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

Remember that this move has no cleanse, meaning that Distraction will reduce the amount of healing. Since fierce creatures are often slower than the resilient creatures they’re supposed to counter, this allows them to heal after taking damage (it incentivises being slower, to some extent) which also means you can have creatures with busted damage output like Diplodocus, Ardentismaxima and Geminititan without them being uncounterable by traditional fierce creatures that aren’t Immune to Decel.

Other Devouring moves could be added too.

2)Different degrees of Wounding Counter: Just like with rending counter, you could give other fierce creatures (not necessarily just bleeders, although one excellent candidate is Dimodactylus) Minor (0.15x), No adjective (0.25x) and Greater (0.33x) wounding counters.

3)Wounding multiplier moves: This one is self-explanatory, and fairly obvious to ask for. They could be multiplier versions of Gashing Wound, with 0.33x DoT for 1 turn.

4)Group Rending moves: Self-explanatory. These could be game-changing for low-level raid strats, as long as the rend-resistance of the minions and/or the boss isn’t too high.

Anyway, here’s my rework of Acrocanthosaurus (for Allo G2 I’d just change CSS to Prowl since that aligns with its in-game bio, and remove its DoT resistance):


~Critical chance:40%

-Minor Rending Attack
-Devouring Impact
-Rending Attack

-Minor Wounding Counter (0.15x)
-Swap-in Mutual Fury

100% resistance to Vulnerability

This would allow it to counter not only Diplodocus, Sonorasaurus and Brachiosaurus, but also Brontolasmus, Ardentismaxima and Geminititan, all without any crazy abilities or resistances or stats (considering it didn’t have a crazy bite force like T. rex did, I think it’s appropriate that it bleeds out it’s victims). To make up for that, it doesn’t deal a lot of damage to creatures that don’t have very high HP, and it loses to the other Epic chompers because of its speed.

I also have a pure Fierce Unique hybrid for it, since there’s a chance that would help the meta.

(Acrocanthosaurus + Keratoporcus)

~Critical chance:40%

-Devouring Strike (1x damage, heal 0.5x)
-Group Rending Attack (Delay:0, Cooldown:2)
-Rending Takedown
-Mutual Fury

-Wounding Counter (0.25x)
-Swap-in Ferocity

100% resistance to DoT

So first of all, in raids, with an attack buff, GRA would deal 0.6x the HP of all opponents. If you can manage a double RtC turn 1, then that’s a guaranteed KO on all opponents (not accounting for Rend resistance).

And what about the arena? Well, it would beat Trykosaurus, Ardentismaxima (even if it gets buffed back to 2.0 stats), Geminititan, Diorajasaur and just about any resilient creature. It would even beat Tenontorex (mind games, but even if it loses the mind game it has a 40% chance of victory). Who says pure fierce can’t be relevant?

In return, it would be beaten by just about any Cunning creature.

So, what do y’all think?

  • Some good, some bad ideas
  • All good ideas
  • All bad ideas
  • Neutral

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I think group rending attack is a little to powerful, 60% of the whole teams hp gone is quite something, even if they have rending resistance

It’s actually 40%. 60% is with an attack buff.

I like this idea. Fierce creatures need more variety than ‘chomp chomp chomp dead’.


Ahh, I thought so